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  1. So, with Microsoft finally dropping support for IE6 yesterday, did Luke kill himself?
  2. Mac Laren 777
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  5. How does your life get to a point where you not only still use Internet Explorer... but you advocate its usage to the point of campaigning it?
  6. Its a joke.
  7. Still the greatest ever made
  8. Use browsers like Firefox 29, Google Chrome and Opera. There is still IE8 which is FAR better than IE6 but it lacks the versatility of the other browsers.
  9. I've always been an alternative browser user. First Netscape, then Maxthon, now Chrome. Never FireFox because it was never as good as the competition.
  10. If you don't use Chrome you're a piece of shit.
  11. To be more accurate, I use pretty much all the browsers on a daily basis. But Chrome is my main browser, followed by Maxthon (from which I'm posting right now, by the way).
  12. firefox 2 was the best. firefox is shit now though.
  13. chrome is my main one , firefox for ripping youtube videos ... safari on the phone and imac

    but I use them all but IE
  14. Pretty much what I do (except the apple stuff). I use chrome for the majority of things, and firefox for downloading videos and other tabs that I never close.

    IE isn't as shitty as it used to be, but it still has weird problems on certain sites that any other browser wouldn't have.
  17. I like Chrome but I prefer the interface on Firefox.

    But Firefox has got a faaaaaaaaaaat #$%#ing arse.
  18. I use 3
    Chrome for daily work stuff - basic
    Firefox for finance and trainig stuff (Java shit and wierds popups)
    Safari for everything customer facing
  19. i use safari for daily use
    and chrome if i need to use flash
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    scared to click any of them

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