If Donald Trump becomes president...

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  1. ...how many Americans will move to Canada?

    I'm asking this because I see often on social media that some citizens of USA#1 said that if Trump becomes president, they'll move North of the border.

  2. Not that many.

    Canada isn't far enough, Mars is more like it.
  3. Or if we could just send Trump to Mars so the rest of us wouldn't have to move?
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  4. People say that every election. Although, I am going to Canadia in August. Must brush up on my Canadian.
  5. We're building a wall to prevent these Mexicans from reaching our land.
  6. make them do it
  7. All the shitty ones
  8. Probably true, as they'd be better off fighting from the inside, but they'd still be far better than the complete morons that would vote for him. And that's what they are. Morons.
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  10. The US president does not decide over legislation. It is not that big of a deal who becomes president really. Chill.
  11. +1
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    All those shitty non-racists…

  13. True, but he can appoint those that make important decisions. He can also use Executive Orders.
  14. by legal definition, executive orders are not laws... EO's used to be used for example: prime minister so and so is visiting from country X, so lets make an executive order to have this type of food while he is visiting or we need to get new drapes for this room, we need an executive order for this color drapes

    The executive branch was never used to make law unilaterally. That is why there are checks and balances and all 3 branches are supposed to be equal. The last president to create a serious EO that was a threat to the power structure was Kennedy with his 11110 that created silver certificates that were interest free... the bankers didn't like that too much

  16. True. But sometimes it's used for things like giving amnesty to illegal immigrants.
  17. What America needs to ask itself is who are those people who cheer for him, and what mistake produced them?
  18. I think Obama produced them. They see him as an anti-Obama. The irony is, he's just the same by preaching his own 'Hope and Change'.
  19. Normally, general public stupidity comes from bad education and backward-going cultural habits.
    It was first widely discussed during the Arab Spring and is now more widespread. We suffer from it pretty badly too.
  20. Trump feeds off the lowest of society. Ignorance, xenophobia, racism, worship of the rich and famous, etc. He's an idiot with no substance that spews hate and has been making a fool of himself long before this election. And people that say, "he says it like it is" or "he just says what everyone is thinking" are truly the worst. I'd hate to know everything else that they're thinking.

    Fortunately I don't think he has a chance of winning the election, even if he does win the nomination. Hell, Republicans themselves have been the harshest to him publicly as of late, and that's pretty amazing considering he's likely to be the next Republican candidate for president (something with I think will live on in infamy many years from now).
  21. Ah, but then you reach that tipping point in which the lowest parts of society are the majority. Then you got yourself a problem.
  22. he just plays the media like kanye

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  23. abstinence-only sex education
  24. The republican party is going to die unless some supercharismatic and not insane candidate comes out of nowhere
    One of the keys to me is that to be a Republican front runner you need to be an evangelical christian type: against gays, abortion, drugs

    all of which have incredible support going the other direction
    party needs an overhaul if they are to be in any way relevant.
  25. if trump becomes the nominee he will position himself toward the middle. he is poised to get many dem party votes and is running a pretty standard campaign all things considered.

    either way the republican party is set to implode

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