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  1. This I can agree with completely, but with this day being held on this day, I'm afraid even less people would realize that WW2 took place in other places than in Normandy. Seriously, approach any Dutch citizen and they'd say it was sad times for the Jews, maybe they've known some people that were taken away, but that luckily D-day meant the end to it all. It angers me. Alot. Not in the last place because this country was full of collaborators.
  2. I'm turned on now
  3. The invasion of Normandy was no small operation or an easy one by any means. And it did help speed up the end of war in Europe.

    Would the invasion have happened if the bulk of Wehrmacht had been in France instead of shitting themselves in Belarus? Hell no. Winter 1941 gave the 3rd Reich a bloody nose, autumn 1942 they got kicked in the nuts and after summer 1943 their theatre offensive capability was gone for good. One could say that from a Soviet perspective a mid-1944 operation was a mop-up one.

    But could the USSR have withstood the hardships of '41 and '42 without the Lend-Lease program and later the air war in Europe? The United States shipped over 11000 planes to the USSR. The total number of serviceable Luftwaffe aircraft in June 1941 was 3428. Not an insignificant number. Later in the war on the Finnish front the most common VVS aircraft type encountered by Finnish pilots was the P-39 Airacobra. As important as the planes themselves was the technology. Go to an aircraft museum and look at any Shvetsov engine. Then look at a Cyclone or a Twin Wasp.

    It's just that ppl are crap with history. And that makes them susceptible to propaganda. Which is sad.
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  4. Nationalism or patriotism can be positive forces. In moderation. Excessive patriotic chauvinism always results in something negative. Considering the amount of information available today, surprisingly many buy into completely made up history or whatever national myths.

    If the economy is coughing a bit and people are unhappy in China, one word from the CCP of and Xinhua will bring up Japanese atrocity X from WW2 -> 10000 fenqing will be throwing eggs at the Japanese embassy. Attention succesfully diverted.

    Putin can justify just about anything to the people of Russia because USA and Europe are "fascist". But then again, Russia takes great pride in single-handedly defeating fascism in WW2. Logic hello?

    Statesmen in Iran say that everything that's wrong in Iran today is the faul of Israel and USA.

    USA#1 has no propaganda of course. Or endless mental masturbation of the greatness of ONE NATION UNDER GOD (I thought that was England of Elizabeth I... or maybe it was The Holy Roman Empire under Charles V... I'm not sure. Both of them claimed to have God on their side) in various media, no.

    But if a Saudi prince receives some money from Trump to fly planes in buildings, Tump being bribed by Bill Clinton because he wanted a more phallic monument (for reasons) in place of the WTC and sends Hillary to queef out some plutonium in North Korea (her snatch is radioactive, yes) while CIA is torturing some hippie in the Czech Republic they don't like and Bush declares war on Iraq because **** it, right, leading to another war of the unwilling, led by the unknowing, doing the impossible for the ungrateful, it is defending the FREEDOM of US citizens.
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  5. Lend Lease was absolutely essential as the Soviets were way behind in tech and material when the war broke out. They weren't ready by any means, to the extent that they didn't even really bother to defend their agreed half of Poland, which could have bought them some more time (in retrospect it's always easy to talk like that). Sure enough they were helped by tactical mistakes of Nazi Germany too, as Hitler really wanted that Azerbaijani oil which was ambitious at best to go there. But what I tried to say was that it would've been easier (though still mighty hard) on the Soviet side if the war was fought on the West front at a much earlier stage. The Normandy operation is one of the biggest operations in world history, even if you think of how many gaps were still in the Atlantic defense, it was quite a feat, so I'm completely agreeing with you on that. But I don't think we had differing opinions on ww2 to begin with, haha.

    I enjoyed the planes and even a cannon on rails in Park Pobedy, by the way. I've taken many photos there, so if you have time to do some plane spotting (I'm awful with remembering their names), I'll create a thread in other later this evening maybe.
  6. Duh. You think the allies gave a ****?


    I have never visited Moscow. I'm prepared to go there this summer because visiting Monino Air Museum and Kubinka Tank Museum have been on my list for a long time. So many one-offs there. I have hear that the Central Armed Forces Museum is good too.

    I'll make the thread because I want to know where to go.
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  7. Damn, never knew of that one.. I know there was semi intentional miscommunication between actual-Poland and the London-Polish government causing a lot of unnecessary casualties, but this blows my mind. Especially as the Soviet Union was still a US-allied force on the Pacific mission right afterwards.
  8. why do you bother
    hes not discussing in good faith
  9. ah yes the ol "disagreement with my shitty opinion = trolling"
  10. He is discussing in good faith but you liberals,hate to deal with the facts, it is like a slap in the face for you. His arguments are valid, yours sadly aren't and don't make any sense.
  11. can you tell me what I should notice when i compare
  12. I guess youre right
    When I have the two greatest minds scnet has ever seen arguing against my position, I need to reevaluate my positions!
    thanks for the slaps

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