If Donald Trump becomes president...

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  1. Candidates like Trump make me wish that one could give negative votes in an election. That would quite effectively reduce the amount of nutcases in politics and most extremist movements would simply die. It's an attractive scenario.
  2. This is crucial.

    The internet and social media have brought traditional media (i.e news channels, newspapers and news websites) to its knees. If you're smart enough to attract attention in the social media, you're going to get that much and more attention in regular media. That's because they need to go with what's viral in order to attract readers/viewers and earn their money. It's a vicious circle.

    That means that being provocative and charismatic gets you exposure, especially since you don't have to wait for the media to talk about you. Just tweet something silly and watch the waves of exposure intensify as they go through media outlets.

    The exact same thing happened in Israel's last two elections. The first time, social media was still a bit of a novelty mostly used by the "upper" bits of society. It united the secular middle class and we elected a very liberal and socialistic government. A couple of years later, after social media had been overtaken by the mainstream, we got the opposite results with a very right-winged, pro-religion government.

    The "masses" tend to be the less educated parts of society. Social media makes it easy to control the masses. All you have to do is say things they want to hear, be blunt and cause a stir so that everybody else also pays attention.

  3. What about frank underwood?
    He would make a good one
  4. It also helps if you contradict yourself with everything you say. Then you appeal to every moron who's too stupid to do research but you said something they wanted to hear.
  5. There are more morons than smart people and they're smart enough to win democracy.
  6. Trump is trolling the shit out of literally everyone

    I hope he wins

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  9. only white america gets trump milk huh
  10. you mean RIGHT america
  11. Same
  12. im talking about the color of their
  13. dockers vs wranglers
    i get it
  14. That's like saying it's better to cut off my left arm because I use my right to jerk off.
  15. u like ted cruz?
  16. I'd love to have an honest conversation with someone that feels this way. Someone this actually plans to vote for Trump. I just can't see a single reason anyone would think he would be anything but the worst president the US has ever had. Ever.
  17. Trump. Sanders. Hilldawg. ShIt options all round TBH

    Are there any other realistic contenders?
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  19. I'd vote for this guy.

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  20. president centerfold
  21. Giant douche for president
  22. Turd Sandwich!
  23. just elect trump already so late night tv can have a field day for 4 years
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  24. elect him so that that snarky sarcastic bad-teethed dildo John Oliver can have a stroke
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