If Donald Trump becomes president...

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  1. Oliver is making a career out of Trump's campaign
  2. he is just the worst
    like i probably agree with him on most things
    but his attitude and demeanor is just seriously horrible
    he's like the left-wing equivalent of Glenn Beck, but with more snark
  3. The GOP will do everything in their power to prevent Trump from being their nominee. So I'm sure he will not become President.
  4. I've never cared enough to vote for a presidential candidate, but I will definitely vote for Trump.
  5. What? The show is great.

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  7. Candidates like Trump really do appeal to people who wouldn't vote for anyone even trying a rational approach to things. You know, the kind of people who would be exhausted to near death if they ever had to use logic in their lives.

    To people like these, it really doesn't matter what kind of bs you shout as long as you appear passionate about it and have some charisma and a common enemy (terrorism, immigrants, bolsheviks, jews, muslims, capitalism, the bourgeoisie, socialism, etc.).

    Chávez, Zhirinovskiy and Le Pen are examples of this kind of politician.

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  8. how dare you

  9. Better Trump than Clinton
  10. I like trump's foreign policy
  11. Yes America shourld vote for Trump #1 dictator. Is quite famours television persecution commissar, have so much yuan and has shiny hair like wild horse.

    He will make America great again, declare many war and kill millions of foreign enemy, then many will afraid of America.
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  12. he's more of an isolationist. try getting tor or something so you can get your news from something other than Xhinua, chinaman
  13. So you say Trump is buirld wall and isolation America? Cower behind wall like runt pig in face of enemy? You think Trump coward like Hirrary old lady with downward facing tits, like empty waterskin?

    Ha ha ha very good joke
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    Yea, basically, gong gong


    but you know gong gong, bush was reputed to be an isolationist as well prior to all the bs that happened
  15. Guess he tried too hard to show he wasn't.
  16. He will never be president. Might not even be the nominee, even tonight after Cruz is out it still isn't a certainty that Trump will take the convention.

    Anyway Hillary is your next president so everyone just calm down.
  17. Hillary will never be your president. Did you forgot the fact that she deleted her emails and lied about Benghazi and Trey Growdy is going to be hard on her ass. This ***** is a pathlogical liar, a socialist swine and several deaths have been unexplained and never investigated under Bill's presidency
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  18. Imagine him sitting at the oval office, legs on his new desk, a cigar in his mouth, laughing his ass off at what he'd done.
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  19. Hillary is even worse. Such a bloody foreign policy
  20. Hillary is a lot of things, but I wouldn't say she's a socialist.
  21. she's a neocon
  22. She's probably the only truly Republican candidate right now.
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