If Donald Trump becomes president...

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  1. Ben Carson is a nut. Anyone who believes the world is only thousands of years old shouldn't be in any position of real power.
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  2. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/11/20/u...aving-us-than-entering-report-finds.html?_r=0
    Actually, efforts have improved in keeping them out. Hence more Mexicans left than came. It's not like they weren't trying to come. Also, it doesn't make someone racist to not want illegal aliens to come suck up our finite resources. I don't know what unicorn filled, fixie bike field having, everyone drinking single-origin coffee world you live in.

    Obama was extremely hyped. Hope and change. Obama gonna pay my car note. Of course, pretentious,naive hipsters are his demographic, so naturally you don't see it.

    Also, this site allows multi-quote. :)
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  3. You are such a clueless moron. I am from France that is right. I always have only had one and only account. I am not the Drift King and neither mc 777 so before stop talking out of your ass, get your facts straight otherwise shut the **** up and beat it.
  4. A good post:) thank you for stating the truth. Dahldrin with all the respect I have for him is a socialist, this is just sad.

  5. We all know who you are you did tell us last year about your mental problems and also asked for forgiveness for your behavior. IF you are from France you would know the difference between Sweden and Swizerland, but you proven time after time that you don't.
  6. I never had mental problems first. All what I know is that you are such a fucking massive and clueless muppet and sheep that keeps bullshitting and repeating false lies spread by some stupid members way back on v3.I never asked for anything but you are in an urgent need of a brain and reality check. My behavior will always depend of how you treat me, if you like to play fucking aggravating and infuriating retards by direspecting me then I will make you understand how far I can go and you will know that I am not kidding.
    I know that Sweden has welcomed a lot of muslims and is now regretting it:
    Also the social system of sweden is assisting a lot of parasites which leech off social housing, social helps, social security and free healthcare. Before the massive of invasion of immigrants, Sweden was a good place to live in but with 40 years of socialism which proned multiculturalism and which didn't gave a shit about patriotism, now we can easily how screwed Sweden is.
    The swiss have banned minarets way back in 2009, didn't accept refugees unlike Sweden and they didn't vote for socialists as far as I recall. The swiss tend vote UDC because they don't want to see their country turned upside down and at least they keep the values of their country safe.

  7. That maybe but you still think it was the Swedish banks that stole all the gold from the Jews when the rest of the world know it was the Swiss banks.

    I'm not a socialist far from it and France is more socialist than Sweden and France have bigger problems with muslims than Sweden have so why is it that you don't talk more about that?

    BTW, You do act exactly like Driftking and MC777. Plus you are just as easly to trigger. You really need to calm down.

    If you're from France why is it that every negativ comment about the USA triggers you so much? You get into a murderous mind.
  8. Yeah this part of his sig has always confused me:

    "I support the NRA. 100% Republican"

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  9. I had my NRA License paid from age 9 to 21 by my uncle and I also made donations way back then to the republican party despite I am not American. A big part of my family is in the USA and not In France. I don't have the same mentality than the French people have but you knew it already.
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  10. Yeah but why have an NRA license if you can't use it?
  11. You are very clueless to think that Sweden hasn't been involved in receiving stolen gold, I can prove it to you with these links
    You are not from the right wing but clearly a leftist whether you like it or not. I know the fucking problems about my country because of the socialists but yours has welcomed a lot refugees from Iraq, Yemen, Afaghanistan who are as bad if not far worse than scum living in France so before giving me moral lessons, mind your own country.
    Mac 777 was a religious zealot and priest cocksucker with no life experience aside living in the ps3 world. The Drift King wasn't probably very liked by some members here but he was very accurate on some things about real life whether you like it or not and he was spot on regarding your case.
    I have a part of family in the USA in NY and in Texas, I have been 9 times in the USA so far and despite its drawbacks, I like this country a lot. America saved a lot of european countries from nazism, without them we would still be under the nazi boot.
    You are just too predictable in your way of provoking. You want me to calm down? You know that I lost a parent,right? Drop the childishness and respect me, and you will get the same from me in return. It is just easy as it gets.
  12. Every time I went to states visiting my family way back then, we went at the range during the free time the week ends and even if not useful in Europe, the 2nd amendment is something I respect. I know some swiss and german friends who are also NRA lifetime members because they care of the right to bear arms even if the US is not their country of origin.
  13. Please STFU I think know better then you my political views. You are actually the only one that say I'm leftist. Most people say I'm extreme rightwing.
  14. Well in relation to hemi, EVERYONE is a leftist.
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  15. I like how someone from Algeria II calls someone out for being Swedish, though. That's kind of rich.
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  16. Learn to spell correctly before telling me to stfu, I don't know who on that website thinks that you are extreme right wing.If you were for the death penalty, zero policy of massive immigration and the right to bear arms then I would consider you as very right wing.
  17. No, you are wrong, not everyone is leftist. The Drift King/Spyder, Longshoremen, Chevy Rocks, Panda Beat, Koko, Seans Vette, Will938, LFJS and several other members you know weren't and aren't leftists.
  18. I never said it was someone on any webside that said I was right wing. I have a life outside Internet.
  19. I promote massive death penalty to immigrants featuring armed bears.

    I'm much more right-wing than you.
  21. I really imagined this like that old battle hamster pic with a dagger duct taped to its back, but then with spears or something
  22. Close enough! :D
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  23. Everyone has a life outside internet, exception made of nerds

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