If Donald Trump becomes president...

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  1. haha dorks
    get a life
  2. corrected that for you

    when libcucks, globalists, sjws, neo-cons, Saudi princes and various other heads of 3rd world shitholes hate you for calling them out, that's a very good thing

    Americans in general like trump as is reflected by his polling
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  3. "Americans in general"... except virtually all left-leaning people, virtually all women, virtually all Hispanic people, virtually all black people... And even many very, very right-leaning people.

    You don't have to convince me that there are a lot of pretty shitty people in America, but the amount of support Trump has received certainly is a good argument.

    It's pretty remarkable how full of shit he is given he doesn't know shit.
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    I guess the same logic can be applied on the other side of the spectrum. I have some pretty liberal views. I support gay marriage. I believe global warming/climate change is real and humans are making it worse. Yet I have been labeled a right-wing bigot by some, due to some of my opinions.

    First of all, I don't like it when some people come to America, taking advantage of all kinds of benefits this country offers, but shows absolutely no respect to this country and its culture and people. Some people come over from certain countries I choose not to name, using various methods to get as much benefits as possible from the government, yet they constantly yap about how awful/shitty this country is, how much they hate it, then yap about how great their motherland is, and how much they want to go back. Seriously, if one dislike this country this much, then its time to pack up and leave.

    Second, I support the second amendment. I believe all law-abiding citizens should have the right to protect themselves with legal firearms.

    Third, I believe in self-reliance, instead of relying on the government. The government should have policies that encourage creation of businesses and wealth, not taking wealth from people and re-distribute it.
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  5. The climate change is a hoax made up by libtards who want everyone to ride on commie bikes and eat godless vegan food.

    Also it's fucking disgusting that faggots can get married. Marriage should be between a man and a woman!

    If you are anything, you are a left-wing bigot.
  6. nothing you said so far indicates you know what youre talking about.








    etc etc
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  7. Voting for someone who promises all sorts of fantastic notions, comes up with unrealistically simplistic solutions for complex phenomena and likes to make bold, sweeping generalisations about things, often contradicting himself, is very much like clicking those ads that promise you $100 000 a week working from home...
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  8. to be fair, Bernie has been constant with his retarded policies
  9. I rarely agreed with you in the past but you have seriously matured and I appreciate your courage to voice your political opinions
  10. We can't agree on everything but for the whole post I do agree with what you say.
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  11. Hillary and her ***** pig husband have several suspicious deaths not being investigated, Hillary is a pathological liar and a socialist swine, do you honestly think that socialists make a better world in each country where they are? Socialism is the equal distribution of misery
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  12. 1. We cannot know if those pictures have been taken in a sarcastic manner or if the people are sincerely Trump supporters. I could imagine a few scenarios where I'd wear a cap like that despite the fact that I loathe Trump

    2. We cannot know if the pictures haven't been edited (by w00t presumably)

    3. USA#1 has 320-ish million people and a very colourful demographic. One can find a transgender vegan who came to the country illegally but who's also a republican. Or a hasidic jewish rabbi who's in a romantic relationship with another man.

    I know a guy who was born in Ohio to a French dad and a Finnish mom but then lived his youth in Paris, moved to NYC, became a heroin addict, got sober, did a few years in the legion, then did the heroin thing again (this time in Yurops), found a Finnish wife and moved here, had some kids, divorced and lives now single and works as a lutheran pastor. I do not even want to know what he would vote for (probably Ctulhu).

    And this is in Finland where the country's total population of 7 is white, homogenous, boring and petit bourgeois. A country where spending your time queuing for a discount plastic bucket in an outlet 300km from the nearest urban area is how people spend their holidays. Where a sausage would be regarded as "exotic food" and where the worst crime ever recored was in 1720 when Klaus Heikinpoika made a rude gesture to the vogt of the crown.

    I digress but my point is that even a blind, deaf and retarded person could find a Trump supporter who's hispanic or female in Brooklyn. Let alone the United States.
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  13. She may be a swine but Bill never fcked her so it's premature to call him a pig fucker to say the least.
  14. Yes he has. I would not vote for that guy.
  15. The logic of the ultra-left here in America: it is ok to disrespect America, it is absolutely NOT ok to dislike the people who disrespect America.
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  16. If he becomes the nominee there are many Sanders supporters that will vote Trump. Further for anyone who hates him now, it will be funny to see them change sides once he goes full general election mode. He has begun to lay down the groundwork with LGBT rights already. What some of you don't know is that he is more liberal than you think and it seems that those who are angry and resigned to thinking he will be president are hesitant to acknowledge these things and just don't want to say they actually support him LOL
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  17. Well duh. They are both populist ****s spewing disinformation from their propaganda holes.

    I just watched an interview where Sanders claimed that "there are more people living in poverty today in the US than at any point in this nation's history"...

    quoi the fvck seriously
  18. How would you define disrespecting America?
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    Starting at 58:00 in this video, the woman leading a group that burn the American flag. I don't like it when people are treating my country's flag this way. But I'm not allowed to express my displeasure with such disgusting act in front of liberals. If I say anything negative about this woman I will be labeled a racist and a bigot.
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  20. Except it goes a bit beyond that. While there are those that think they are more human by caring about social justice etc, Americans in general don't like to lose and his campaign hits every American in the feels whether they acknowledge it or not
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  21. Ah but that is the logic of the more anarchistic/extreme leftists everywhere.

    Also I have murika flag boxers, are they disrespectful?
  22. Nah, wearing murika flag underwear is a sign of pride, not disrespect. I wear them too:)
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  23. What shit do you think he doesn't know?

    You should write children's stories. I love your imagery. I'd buy them.
    I posted before about how the tin foiler in me believes he's a democrat plant used to stack the deck. He either splits the republicans and makes them lose or he wins and runs it like a dem.
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    He didn't know what the nuclear triad is. He didn't know the difference between Hamas and Hezbollah. He didn't know what the GI Bill is. He doesn't know that the US declaring bankruptcy would be catastrophic for the world economy. There's more, but those are some I remember off the top of my head. He also has SUCH little substance to all of his policy claims and most are stupid, impossible or would be detrimental to more than just America.

    The average person doesn't necessarily need to know all of that stuff, but the average person isn't vying for the most powerful political position in the world.
  25. I know a friend of my cousin who lives in Texas near Amarillo (1st gulf war and kosovo war veteran from the USMC) who beat the shit out of some people because they were burning the flag not far from his house. Anyone who burns the flag doesn't deserve the citizenship, either they respect their welcoming country and they stfu or either they get the **** out and go/crawl back to their third world country shit holes.
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