If Donald Trump becomes president...

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  1. Ugh. You just don't get it. The ability to burn the flag without getting the shit beat out of you is what makes America great, not a dumb flag.
  2. And tell me what positive your friend Obama did for the US?Nothing except welcoming more muslims refugees and illegals and granting them more rights than US war veterans. Tell me again who went to bow to a muslim saudi king after his death? Again your friend Obama. His name is Barack Hussein Obama, Barack and Hussein aren't american first names but arab first names. He is a muslim

    Obama never really cared for Israel but clearly cared for muslims. Tell me again what was his policy with Iran ? Again what did your favorite ghetto crowd wizard by implementing free health care and social security for unwilling to work ghetto trash dirtbags who are just health care, social housing, social helps, social security and food coupons leech offs ? He increased the debt. We have seen the economy with Obama, enough for not trusting the Clinton swine. Hope and change backwards and also killing American values that made America proud. Also Trump is a patriot and he likes his country before the others countries that is why a lot people will vote for him.
  3. A lot of people have sacrificed their lives for that flag, something you don't seem to understand or to get. It is well known that persons who burn the flag are trash for the most and anarchists, it is also well known who is the crowd composing these two groups.
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  4. the same faggots that burn flags attack trump protesters and riot when he gives speeches

    **** them
  5. The Trump trolling is pretty low hanging fruit don't you think

    I mean, if hemi calls you mature and agrees with all stances...
  6. whoa logic is trolling now

    lol @ even knowing what hemi posts ive been ignoring those posts for years
  7. And the most pathetic part about those type of people is that even though they express such disgust and contempt toward this country, they refuse to pack up and leave. They choose to stay here because they are well aware that USA offers way better living standards and job opportunities compared with whatever country they vehemently support.
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    If those people have certain issues/disagreements with this country, they could hold rallies to have peaceful protests and demonstrations, or write letters and petitions to the government to express their grievances. Showing utter disrespect toward the entire nation by burning its national flag is very pathetic in my opinion.

    And by the way, the Old Glory is not a dumb flag. It is a beautiful flag.
  9. More people have sacrificed their lives defending these flags, what's your point?




  10. This is why I think it's awful the EU made 9th of May Europe Day, while it'll always be the day to remind ourselves how over 20 million USSR soldiers and citizens gave their lives for the freedom we have nowadays when they fought the Nazis when they were at their strongest. But that's not very Trump-related. It's rabid rottweiler vs. nasty snake if it's gonna be Trump vs. Clinton. Personally I think Trump has the possibility to settle the indifferences between Russia and the USA, which Clinton will never accomplish after that Reset-charade.
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    He is referring to people living in the USA, taking advantage of the country, and at the same time disrespecting the country by burning its flag.

    More people died defending those other countries, they died for the people of those countries, not for us Americans. I choose to defend the honor of the people who died for my freedom, and I absolutely do NOT appreciate any desecration of the Old Glory on American soil.

    If a guy is living in Russia and burns the Russian flag, then he will get beat up by Russians, it's the same logic. You should not be disrespecting the country that welcomed you.
  12. Jesus Christ, man. Still on this Muslim thing? It's bullshit. Even if it were, true, who gives a shit? No worse than talking about being a Christian. If you think that is a legit video and real proof of him being a Muslim, then you're even worse off than I thought. This whole post is just beyond silly. You probably think he was born in Kenya, too.

    I hope all of the Trump supporters forgot about the whole Birther Movement, because anyone who knows about that and supports him should be ashamed of themselves.
  13. I may have used them as a cum rag once or twice
  14. Most of the time I don't know what he is referring to. Like seriously no idea. Sometimes I feel like I need a degree in egyptology to have any understanding about his train of thought.

    I do not condone burning flags. It's not a very civilized way to get one's point around. I would not condone desecrating religious/other important symbols either.

    I believe that there are laws regarding the use/abuse of national symbols. Here desecrating an official flag or using a presidential/military flag without permission will earn one a hefty fine. I'm not privy to US federal law on the subject.

    People do rude and dumb things and it is their shame. As long as it's not illegal, it's technically their business. One may ask them to stop doing the rude thing if one finds it offensive but physical violence is uncalled for unless someone is in actual danger. Different people find very different things offensive and it is not up to them to decide who should be beaten up and who shouldn't.

    Hemistage's mentality of "let's beat those guys up because they desecrated the flag I like" is the same exact mentality of those islamists who want to beat someone up because he peed on the Qur'an. "Behead those who insult Islam" is the same thinking taking a bit further. The ironing is strong here because Hemistage probably burns Qur'ans for heating in the winter. Same shit, different toilet.

    Then there's this "honor of the people who died for my freedom" thing... Who died for your freedom? I'm really curious to know so please elaborate. The expression is somewhat vague so I don't know if you're referring to American victims of the US-Mexican war or maybe the war on Philippines. Maybe one of those guys who died in the Invasion of Panama? That would make sense because Noriega was reportedly plotting to tighten your curfew. Or maybe it was Frank and Gene who fought in the US Civil War... but they were on opposite sides so now I'm confused.
  15. My knuckle babies finally found freedom... in death

  16. I don't think his point is invalid at all. You can tell a lot about a person by who they attract. The fact that David Duke comes out and supports Trump's candidacy is bad enough. The fact that Trump didn't immediately condemn that support (and pretended to not know who he was) is far more troubling. But then, Trump would obviously hate to lose the white supremacist vote.

    Thank you for typing up all of this so I didn't have to. It's amazing how people can't make logical associations. Like the woman who posed with an AR15 in one hand and a bible in other white standing in front of the American flag was just SHOCKED when people pointed out the obvious similarities between that photo and Islamic fundamentalist extremists.
  17. I would suppose that the date was picked due to something related to the history of the EU rather than to piss off Russia on purpose. I wasn't even aware that such an annual celebration existed.

    I would also imagine that many EU member states would be reluctant to celebrate a Soviet victory day considering their history.

    I don't think that Soviet VE day is celebrated outside the ex-USSR/Eastern Bloc anyway. It's not like the Germans would be butthurt because Russians wanted to celebrate something on the same day Germans had a Kristallnacht party or something.

    I'm ok as long as nobody touches the second sunday of April. It's very important and the only holiday worth celebrating imo.
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  18. Of course she was. I'd be shocked as well. The operating mechanisms of an AR-15 or an AK- series rifle are very different!
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  19. Ya bc david duke liking trump is soo much worse than Hilary actively supporting a KKK recruiter


    trump had no idea who david duke is and gives no ****

    and lol at comparing a religious girl in the us to a fucking Islamic terrorist without a hint of irony

    but that sort of grasping at straws butthurt from the left is one of the reasons why trump will be our president so keep it up ;)
  20. Again, never said anything about Hilary. I'm not wild about her, either, but I think she's better than Trump.

    As for Trump not knowing who Duke is, again, bullshit. He publicly commented on him twice in the past while talking about politics, then suddenly completely forgets who he is? I'm not saying he share beliefs with Duke or even wants his support, but my point was that he didn't public codemn his support because Trump knows every awful bigot out there like Duke is foaming at the mouth to cast their ballot for Trump.

    I wasn't trying to claim those two women I mentioned were equivalent, just that you'd be a fool to act as if there are no similarities. Different extremes, sure, but the idea is the same. Admittedly, the American is more of a troll than anything, but I guarantee she would go on and on about how Christianity is the one true religion, and how it guides her life, and how this is a Christian nation and how everyone should convert to Christianity... Like I said, though, more of a dumb troll than anything. She first became known online for posting a photo of herself wearing a "pro life" shirt while holding a Chik Fil A cup while standing in front of a Hobby Lobby.
  21. are you talking about those prior times he commented on david duke where he actually denounced the man back in like 2000 and some other times? pointing out that suuuurrre helps your point!

    once again grasping at straws

    zero substance


    i wont even address the "christian extremist is just like Muslim extremist!!!" thing because its beyond retarded
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  22. Hmm, I think I'll get a pair of underwear with Putin's face and use it as cum rag to get even.

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