If I see one more flame on this car, we're gonna have words!

Discussion in '2000 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Concept' started by SSfearSS, Aug 9, 2002.

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    THIS CAR OWNS ALL OF US... so get over it.
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    LS1 Z06? Cool....
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    hey guys wuts up, im new, but the z06 has an LS6, sorry bro, but the LS1 and LS6 only have a few differences. and i would give my left nut for this car, and ill put money down that if most of yall test drove this car, you would too.
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    despite i am mopar guy i have enormous respect chevy and ford muscle cars.This car is an awesome big block powered car.It was an awesome car that symbolizes well what a modern muscle car should be.


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    why are all these pro jap car people making skyline look like king, If I want a fast 0-60 mph car ill get a dragster, then they will say Oh ya the skyline has better handling, well then Ill get a porsche, so no matter what their argument I have a vehicle for them to substitute the piece of crap skyline

    Heres another thing I find annoying

    Ya there is a particular skyline that has 1300 hp

    is that the strongest Japanese motor??

    Thats gay because the strongest American Motor is 8000 horsepower(Top Fuel)

    and dont tell me you cant use that because its not street legal, because and skyline with that much horses isnt street legal either(so once agian AMERICA WINS)

    AMERICAN CARS WERE ORIGINALLY MADE TO HAVE MUSCLE, so u japs stop trying to compete

    Just like porsche(german) has the best handling, JAps stop tryinmg to compete)

    Italian cars( ferrari and Lamborghini) are the most beautiful cars( japs stop trying to compete)

    JAPS jsut stick to your own thing ...DRIFTING

    One of the earlier arguments was how come a skyline with less horses and only a 6 cylinder beat a 8 cylinder car, well let me tell u idiot, the skyline weighs half of the big piece of american steel ( Its not a matter of Japanese cars are better, in fact its the opposite.. No its all a matter of weight, performance, strength and reaction and poosibly a few other factors

    ALSO A v6 with one turbo and rear wheel drive (a stock BUICK GRAND NATIONAL GNX) also costs cheaper and is more comfortable than a japanese car IS QUICKER THAN A STOCK SKYLINE with Inline 6 (which is more power ful than a v6) and twin turbo (which is more powerful than a single turbo) and is 4 wheel drive (which obviously has to accelerate faster than rear wheel drive)



    Yes Camaros are known to have bad handling, But ure saying another particular skyline has better handling and almost has the same quick acceleration( well I have to disagree with that because if a skyline had that much horsepower It also would have no handling) that is why Im saying Americans build high torque and high HP cars to go straight, If u have a very high HP skyline, U too would have no handling...SO GOOD DAY TO YOU!! I SAY

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    Dude, you rock!! I wish all these pinheads I have to work with who think a S2000 could beat a Corvette would sprout a wang and think like you!

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    Wow... How did a topic starting at "If anybody doesn't like this car they're dumb" turn into this?!

    Let's just say a few things here.

    KKKMAN is obviously racist and most likely actually in the KKK. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>Don't get me wrong I hate it when all the people say jap cars are faster. But we got way off topic. First anyone can say that car is faster than this car, etc., but that is not the point. Everyone should just appreciate this car for what it is: an insanely fast concept that will never get produced. Stop yelling at eachother and look at the fine piece of American machinery. I try to judge other cars accurately, so lets not have Jap car fans yelling that this car sucks, and American car fans yelling Jap cars are slow. Stop seeing in a straight line and actually look around everyone.

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    Problem is that most often some jap car fans and import fans just come and say that big block american cars can't handle and without having proofs.Truely it is boring. I am open minded but bashing is not the solution.


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    I am not racist, I hate people for their personality, for example lazy blacks are called nig*ers but regular blacks are called black, just like lazy, hip hop wannabee whites are called wig*ers and regular whites are called white.

    Anyways thats off the topic the reason I wrote skyline sucks and japs suck, etc is becauseOn many other forums, not only this one I saw many posts of people saying skyline will kill anything So I posted my feelings on this one.

    Still the Camaro Rules!!!!

    Favorite Dream car: 1979 Pontian Trans Am Bandit Edition with a Fully Blown ZL1 454 dropped in that sucker

    2nd favorite car Buick GNX

    Other Favorites 70 and 71 Chevrolet Chevelle, 2000 Camaro ZL1 concept, 69 Camaro Z28 RS, 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge, 1966 Mustang Fastback

    American Cars Rule!!!!
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    I can understand what you are saying about people saying the skyline will kill anything. I love American cars too and mostly dislike Japanese cars. However, that does not justify yelling about Japanese people/cars and making fun of them. BTW your dream car sounds tight as hell. I love the 69 Judge too.
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    i have to agree with you.Exception made that i have a visceral hate for japanese cars.How none mentionned the 1971 pontiac transam 455 sd and 1973-74 pontiac transam 455 superduty.There is also the buick gsx, the yenko camaro and yenko nova, the baldwin motion camaro and chevelle, the hurst hemi cuda built in 1968, the dodge dart gt s/s, the olds 442 w33, the dodge charger hemi daytona, the plymouth roadrunner superbird hemi, etc



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    this was possibly one of the most ignorant post i've ever seen

    relax man
    there are a lot of japaneese cars that could beat out american cars of the same class

    i'm not saying i like japaneese cars
    i'm just saying
    have a little more respect
    they've made some pretty badass shit outa weak engines
    sure there will always be an american car that will be able to outpreform it
    but that doesn't mean its the worst car ever and they should stop trying
    try harder
    it'll force the american companies to make better and faster cars
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    No Nothing....

    I will never disgrace this country buy buying imports

    Ill stick to American

    Americans have 2 industries that they are the best in Cars and Guns
    and Ill like to keep it that way...

    dont buy japanese and suport American Cars
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    I agree and I myself will never own a Japanese car. I just do not see how some people can have pride in America but drive a Honda (or any other Jap car). I don't yell at these people, I respect their opinion, but I disagree. One of my largest pet peeves is if someone puts an american flag on their car, their car being a japanese car. IMO you are not supporting your country by buying a japanese car. Almost no money goes to America. You are just supporting Japan's already too large economy. I have nothing against Jap cars but please don't say you support America if you drive a Jap car. That makes you a hypocrite.

    All of this being said, that does not give me or anyone else the right to bad mouth japan. Just be careful what you say KKKMan because it puts on the appearance that you are a racist.

    PS: No one say "I would support America by buying their cars, but they break down." This is just stupid. I have found any car, with few exceptions, can last and be reliable if it is taken care of. If you beat the sh1t out of a car, of course it is going to break down.
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    Well 1 thing must be said ...... Skyline Sucks, yes it does, is that the best car japan can come out with??
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    why do u even care ihaterustangs, you will never own either car, you probably drive the AMERCAN abortion named cavalier
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    Skyline Sucks. ok there you'v been eating too much corn today. I respect powerfull cars, but americans have focused on straightline performance. Its not so amazing to make a unbalanced car like you americans. Drop in a oversized engine and think you can conquer the highway grat job. How about on a track, the only car that i know of that will embaras some japanese cars and european cars on the track is the ZO6 but then again the ZO6 quality wont measure up to the quality of a european or japanese car. Your all posers here well most of you but some people know what they are talking about. and honestly WHO GIVES A F U K if your car is loud.take off your whole exaust system and drive without it. Japanese cars will surpass the quality of other cars, you guys say taht skyline sucks because youv only raced civics with engines half urs and they have still managed to keep up to you which is a shame and in some cases beaten you. So kindly shut up !!!
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    Oh So U wanna get started do you??

    Gladly Yes..........z06 beat skyline in handling and performance, also It looks better and Is cheaper

    No. Japanese Quality is not good at all, it is cheap material, that is why it is cheaper than other inports such as german.

    Tell me the truth Will you take a Porsche Turbo or a skyline??

    U think Americans can only put big v8's to beat ure inline 6 twin turbo??

    Lets just see you compare A Bucik GNX vs A Skyline

    Car 0-60 0-100 1/4 mile
    Buick GNX 4.7/4.8 11.7 13.7 107
    Subaru Impreza STi 4.9 13.5 13.7 101
    Nissan Skyline R33 GTR 5.0 13.0 13.7 102

    A v6 /Single Turbo / RWD VS a 4wd /inline 6 / twin turbo....... and the Buick STILL WINS AND IS WAY CHEAPER AND LOOKS BETTER(to me)

    So your beloved Japanese supercar Just Got Raped By a Buick.

    So next time you see A Buick Grand National or Buick GNX remember that Skyline will lose to it. AND Z06 Is better than Skyline also.
  20. Re:

    Saying whether or not a car is good based on its nationality is the most retarded thing ever. The Skyline is a great car, and has been so successful in racing that it now has an entire class of racing to itself. The Z06 is also a great car, and would obviously beat a Skyline around a most tracks, seeing as it has much more power and weighs less. It also depends on what type of racing you are talking about. I've seen cars like the Acura RSX and the VW Beetle beat cars like the Z06 on an autocross race, but on a standard track the Z06 would destroy them both. You all need to shut up about nationality and base your opinions on facts.

    Also, for the guy who was talking about BMW, most every BMW you see in America was made in South Carolina.
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    Wow. I was trying to hold back and not diss and downgrade Japanese cars, but you just made an ass of yourself. Do not talk bad at ALL about the Z06, I know someone who has on 02, NO PROBLEMS AT ALL. Americans aren't all about "big" engines and "loud" exhaust. It is also about pride in your country. Let me ask you, (obviously you have experience with Japanese cars) have you ever owned an American car? If so, I doubt it gave you any trouble unless you treated it badly. Civics also cannot keep up with most cars, plus comparing a little economy car to an American Big Block (or small) beast is just stupid. Please save yourself from humiliation and stop saying Jap cars are better. Both are great cars if handled right, but overall are in completely different classes. While America handles muscle (and some economy), Japan looks for better emmissions/mileage. Japan should not and cannot be compared to American cars, and vice versa.

    It's like racing a prius with a corvette, it's just plain stupid.

    PS: What the hell is eating too much corn have too do with anything?!!
  22. Re: Saying whether or not a car is good based on its nationality

    OK then if u tell me I cant base cars on nationality then I must say Yes I can you idiot! It is made in japan SO japanese cars suck!!!Its is japanese innovation, japanese parts(I think they also use italian parts, if not mistaken) made by japanese people so IT is Based On japan!!!U DUMASS!!!! AND IF U DONT ANT ME TO SAY THAT THEN DONT SAY Obviously z06 will win because of more HP and it weighs less>>> It doesnt matter !!!! It still lost to a better looking cheaper car

    SO hahahaha to SKYLINE!(an overrated car, because its rare? Id rather get a GMC Typhoon

    Or A Buick GNX

    OR maybe a 70 ss Chevelle 454

    My dream car<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>WILL KILL A SKYLINE) 1979 Pontiac Trans am with a ZL1 454 aluminum Block
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    People People People, First off Im not here to make anyone mad or fight Im very neutral on this subject I hate hearing American car lovers diss japanese cars and vice versa same with european cars, A car is what you make of it, if people want to go and buy a corvette then go for it corvette is a great car, but in the same respect so is the skyline and if someone decides to buy a honda civic and put a body kit on it and paint it bright orange and put a huge wing on it, put a huge exhaust on it and mod it out then thats fine thats what they want to do with THEIR car so they stand out like an individual. Not every car is about going from point a to point b some of them are about expression being an individual so people make cars for THEMSELVES not anyone else. Individuality is what car customizing is about, and people have to stop being ignorant and stop to think hey maybe for some people they'd rather buy a civic rather than a corvette because chevy doesnt exactly make it available to everyone with a $50,000+ pricetag, my point is you shouldn't badmouth a car b/c of where it's made you should respect every car that someone put wrenchtime into making their own.
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    how bout i set the record straight for all you little jap peice of crap car lovin dumbasses. I happen to work in a sport racing shop and i know for a fact that most of the cars that return are those peice of shit little jap cars, but guess why its because when u ask me to put in the latest tech and allow your car that extra hp its still not gonna be any better because you engines are peices of crap no mater what.u cant start out with a peice of crap, add on 12,000 of parts and expect to have a beaut engine, u know what u got u got an engine thats gonna cost you so much in repairs because you engine isnt made for what you do to em that your going to wish you could sell em and buy a beautifull musle car, but guess what by then theres no chance in hell because your 12 grand in the hole due to engine failure.So #$%# you if you think you can compare a 1100 bhp supra to this beatifull peice of machinery.

    Oh ya and lets see how long your peice of crap jap cars are on the market.cause i can garuntee you by the time the camaro is done bein produced your little jap cars will be sittin in a wreckin yard bein torn apart to make coke cans.

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    This is my point

    Id take this over any skyline... WHy? because I dont like japanese cars? WHy?? because I want To support my country, also I dont like japanese cars(even If they were american, just the sound AND THE TYPE OF CARS THEY ARE. Plus japanese cars suck because they cant make any naturally aspirated engines that are fast!


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