If they had taken the last step

Discussion in '2007 SpadaConcept Codatronca' started by 1812Sith, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. they would have called it Stealth Fighter. Or Stealthy Vette.
  2. they would have called it the Stealth Fighter. Or the Stealth Vette.
  3. ?????????????????????+++++++++++++++++++
  4. Or rather call it the BATMOBILE!!!
  5. i like it, its like KITT/corvette/ford gt90.......damn, tht sounded better in my head
  6. If they had left out the jet stuff on the back and sticked closer to the Vettes of the late sixties it would be so awesome!!!
  7. I would have called it a futuristic hearse... if not a stealth hearse, I know funeral homes everywhere will be dying to have this car for their customers.

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