if u diss lightnings read this

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    while awd may produce more grip, it still makes the truck heavier than need be. and bud, im sorry, but the magazines and critics just dont lie, the only newer truck that will give the lightning a run for its money is the srt10, there is no escaping it. and the 04 lighting is more luxurious than any truck chevy makes, thats in the magazines too.
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    This is the best damn truck on the road. The chevy SS is the biggest pice of shit ever. I will admit that the Hemi is fast, but not as fun to drive as the lightning
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    wow! A #$%#ng dodge Ram HEMI, just because it has the word hemi in it, people automatically think fast. It's in a freaking huge! pick up. Sure the HEMI had more horsepower than a regular Dodge block, but c'mon, it's a gimic. I think you should read some car magazines. Like this one....February 2004, Car and Driver. They tested the new Durango with a HEMI, 0-100 at a snails pace, 22.4 seconds, check it out, pg 69. So i don't think the RAM would beat mine in a 1/4 which I can do at around 13.4-13.6 sec's when I didn't have any mod's on my truck. Now it does it in 10.6 sec's.The Srt-10 would give the 2002 Lightning a run for it's money, and might win. But, Srt-10's lowest price is 46G, My 2002 Lightning, 36G. So, I'll spend 2g's on a chip and have it be faster than the SRT and take my 8G's that I saved to go buy some crap, like a couple o' surfboards. I love my truck, I live on the west coast of Fl in the Tampa area, I make it to Cocoa beach area in 1:45, that's flying. With maybe one stop for gas and food.

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    YOUR Z71 SUCKS!0-60 in 6.1?!?!?!?!, my 2002 Lightning (before mods) did it in 5.5. And, the only reason this truck only does 140 (actually it does 147) is because it's electronically limited. Some cars have it and the sparks don't fire, some stop the fuel flow. I'm not sure what the Lightning does.
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    The dodge would get killed by a lightning. The lightning wouldn't need to try to beat it.
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    true, I've done it. People think that when it has a hemi, it automatically means fast. Funny thing is, it isn't. Look at the 0-60's, hahaha, the hemi durango does 0-100 in friggin 22 seconds. look it up. How's that for Dodge power huh? Blazing fast considering the lightning does it 9 seconds faster. Tards
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    Thats stupid.Pickups are not mucels, they are transports with mighty hydraulic suspesion. AND, theyre supposed to be strong and high off the ground
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    Pickup's, though, can be pretty damn cool if they're fast. Ever see a Lightning blast by you on the road? You'd envy the owner of it.

    You're forum sig is funny.
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    1.what brain???
    2.AWD weights more so while you shi$$y chevy may be quicker off the line, the lighting will haul past it in no time.
    3.Your damn chevy is modified dibby. Put all that crap in the Lighting and there is more reason it will burn it.
    4. Caps lock makes him feel big.
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    1. You have no brain, your further comments prove it.
    2. AWD, though better for the get off, dont assure victory. The Lightning's torque SLAUGHTERS the SS's puny torque. And dont even start me with the hp.
    3. You can think whatever you want of the Lighting, I dont care. but you, my friend, are EXTREMELY biased if you'd rather sit in any old Chevy pickup than a modernized SuperTruck. And you have to realize that his Z71 isnt stock. Throw all those mods onto a Lighting and try to give it a run there *****!
    4. You fail to recognize that you're an idiot.
    5. CAPS SUCK! See, how do you like it? Stop acting like a pissoff before someone gets you banned.

    Stupid noob.

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    take the hemi out and the dodge is screwed
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    Even with the "Hemi" the Dodge is screwed... The only truck out there that can touch the Lightning is the SRT-10. It's been said plenty of times before, and I'll say it again. Sorry, Chevy guys. The SS just doesn't cut it when compared to the Lightning and the SRT-10.
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    I cant believe Chevy wasted the SS emblem on a Silverado that cranks out significantly less power than the trucks its supposed to "compete" with. Same goes for the Impala and Monte Carlo SS. Hell, are they eevn MEANT to be fast? The SUPERCHARGED Monte Carlo SS only cranks out 240 horses! Cmon Chevy, you can do better than that.
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    Chevy is better with cars than trucks. They shouldn't putt SS on their cars when it will be an embarassment to the title. They should crank out at least 400 hp to be worthy of the SS title. People won't but the embarassing SS cars for fear of being made fun of. The Lightning kichs ass.
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    John 17 is $hithead. He writes one sentence to get 19 posts. Sedriss is a dumbass also. Superchargers are supposed to give the engine more power without adding to much weight. Dodge doesn't get it. Dodge just keeps adding more and more cubes to make their cars more powerful. power doesn't mean speed if you got it bogged down with a heavy ass engine.
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    You see, that was just a stupid post. You start by saying that Ford sucks. An entire company that has procuded hundred of models of cars and trucks, been around for nearly a century, and can truthfully say that they have sold the most of a certain truck and car in America for the past 20 years; F-150 and Mustang. Yes, they must really suck balls now huh? But true, I do not think supercharging counts as muscle, but I would still say it is a high performance.
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    Ahhh, I missed this post the first time around.... Found On Road Dead....that's been around for ever, and it's also very stupid much like yourself. If the term applied strictly to Fords then ha, you have something going for you. But considering that I have seen Ford, Chevys, Dodges, Mercedes, BMWs, Toyotas, Hondas, Mitsubishis, and just about every other household brand of car on the side of the road with smoke under the hood, it's really a drag when you say stuff like that. Learn something!
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    You are pissed because other people like a truck? You aren't immature. And if you want to see how much performance the supercharger is givin this truck look at the normally aspired 5.4 liter engine that they supercharged! Or to make it easier, look at a normal F-150 5.4! Come child it is time to learn...

    Model: F-150
    Engine: 5.4L TRITON 90-degree V8 SOHC
    Supercharged: No
    Horsepower: 300 @ 5,000 RPM
    Torque: 365 @ 3750 RPM

    Model: F-150 Lightening
    Engine: 5.4L TRITON 90-degree V8 SOHC
    Supercharged: Yes
    Horsepower: 360 @ 4,570 RPM
    Torque: 440 @ 3,000 RPM

    So with a supercharger the engine produces an extra 60 horsepower at 430 less RPM, and an extra 75 ft/lb torque at 750 les RPM. Still, the 5.4L is an impressive engine and offers a good amount of power and torque. I will take a Lightening and you can stick with your hot wheels.
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    Yeah man! I was driving on the 5 North to Long Beach and I saw one, it was absolutley beautiful. Something about it just looks really agressive, I saw the front of the truck in my rear view mirror and instantly knew what it was, without having seen one on the road before. It did not stay in my rear view mirror very long needless to say, that guy was hauling ass. I tried to keep up in my ZX3 but to no avail because Ford decided to top them out at 110 MPH. I still need to have that reprogrammed or something....
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    I do not think too many people are ever going to drive 140 MPH, but ok. If I am correct the Lightening is still capable of towing, hauling, etc. I have seen people around my neighborhood use them as work horses, hauling around dirt, or towing a boat. For a vehicle with a front mounted engine like trucks, where lots of the weight is, I think you would want FWD over AWD, if not 4WD so you can drive the front wheels where all the traction actually is. Either this or load your bed full of crap so your rear tires get traction as well.
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    Are those mods you have listed, ones that are on your SS? If they are I really would not compare the two vehicles. Compare them stock to stock, not stock to modded, because then everything from performance to price is altered and it is no longer a fair comparision. Besides, considering the SS already costs more and stock is not as fast as the Lightening, if you have to spend yet even more money to give the Lightening 'a run' that is pathetic. Then it is obvious that performance vs price, the Lightening is the better option. But if you care for the looks and luxury of the SS so strongly, and it is what you purchased then all power to you, no shame in that.
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    Yeah I like the Hemi, but now it is more of a name, but for it's price still has power to boot. The Hemi engine in the Durango is not the same Hemi used in the Ram 1500 or the Magnum. Like the mod engines, same basic family, but different things have been done to them at the factory. Oh, cool note by the way, the Durango and Dakota are SUV-Truck twins, like the Ranger and Explorer. Anyways, Dodge plans to offer a Hemi in the Dakota this following year to compensate for the Hemi available in the Durango. I think will be cool, I wouldmuch rather by a Dakota with a Hemi than a ranger edge, or S10.
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    I have seen an Lightening towing something before. HA! I love that, the F-bodies could tow stuff around, that's awesome. American muscle is good for more than racing, it's good for towing too! Check out the Dodge Magnum, that thing is a truck in a car body (much like all muscle cars) but it's cool to me just the same.
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    this thing kicks ass
  25. Go with the new Dodge Srt-10 its looks are much better and the brakes look wicked on them huge rotors, and the dodge can keep up with the ford. LOOKS LOOKS when it comes to fractions of a second on speed

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