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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Blackface, Oct 29, 2004.

  1. Level 32 in RC Pro Am. You are a god.
  2. I'm doing a tournament , hopefully soon, with beer. We'll try to end up that game.

  3. If you post an image and it fails, it will show up somewhere. It's like a black hole. In this case it wound up in the second post of the thread. Stephen Hawking could learn from sc.net.
  4. hahah yeah.

    do you know what "OUT" over my antenna means? I can't control the car when it's showing on.
  5. Out means you're in last place, but you should be able to control your car unless the race is over.
  6. Then call me the RC Pro Am god!
    I found that once you've completed all 32 tracks, it goes back to the first track but with the same fast car and keeps going. I got to level 132 and I have witnesses!
  7. No. After you've completed 24 tracks, it goes back to the beginning. Level 32 is the second time you play level 8. The only problem is, once all your upgrades are maxed out, the other cars go faster and you stay the same speed.
  8. I was pretty sure it was 32 levels but it has been ages since I played. In any case, it doesn't alter the fact I made level 132. You are right though, once your bombs/missiles were gone and they got past, the race was un-winable. Still, if you had the skills to shoot and collect the items (and drive) you could do well.
    Level 132 I classify as damn good if I do say so myself.
  9. I can't beat 32 either.
  10. Sounds like a NES game.

    Remember Duck Hunt? I got it up to level 48 or so when I was a kid at which point you need a machine gun not a pistol to get those things.
  11. 48!! Man you don't get bored easily do you?

    Sega I always thought had better gun games though..........
  12. well I get that "out" signal even in first place then I can't control the car. I'll try a different rom.

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