If you were president of the United States...

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  1. You know it'd rock solid.
  2. the foreign policy, yeah probley. the military thing, might as well. today's youth, eh? the nazional xocializm thing, not so much. that's when the guns start coming out of trailers.
  3. If I'm prepared to nuke entire countries to keep them from #$%#ing with me, think I'd think twice about rolling tanks through a couple obnoxious low-rent housing areas and trailer parks to keep the population in its place?
  4. you'd have to outlaw guns first tho. those guys are down at the range every weekend i swear.
  5. As a citizen of the country with the most powerful military in the world, you seem awfully worried about a couple survivalists and paramilitary factions.
  6. If I were president, I would nuke every 3rd world country.
  7. naw, ive just seen the rifle range on the weekend. i mean there's like more guns than people here. and worried isnt the word for it. i think it'd be quite a show.
  9. you'd get impeached for leaving vagrancies on the White House lawn.
  10. Yep.
  11. roffles.
  12. A little military service would sort out dissidents like you.
  13. I'd be all "WTF!" and flee back to New Zealand.
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    I would throw some minuteman ICBM missiles and then order to all nuclear submarines from the Ethan Allen class to launch all their Polaris missiles on Iran, and then for being sure no threat is alive I would order to the b52s to bomb the whole country with thermonuclear bombs.
    Irsael would bomb the shit out of Iran they have the f15I and f16I (a very modified f16 block 52+ with some of the very best avionics)which have very good efficiency for destroying land and air-air objectives. Israel has some very good high precision ICBMS http://www.israeli-weapons.com/weapons/missile_systems/surface_missiles/arrow/Arrow.html and some of the very best air to ground missiles http://www.israeli-weapons.com/israeli_weapons_missile_systems.html
  15. The max reich would have troubles to fight all the white supremacist groups, gangs and sects like the black panthers or the davidians.They would cost the max reich too many lives and money.
  16. Wheelman hates gun maybe. Show him the barrel of a 500magnum or the barrell of the barrett rifle, he will be scared to death.
  17. American won't be a Democracy if I was president.
  18. yea but Supraman would be the one leaving bricks on the lawn. that and an aussie US president would probably be a sign of the apocalypse.
  19. HEHE
  20. No, i'd send a thank you card post a blog on the presidents website
  21. israel would not need to even exist (sadly) to retaliate with nukes. their dolphin-class subs are rumored to be fully nuclear-capable
  22. Not that we know about, Stew.

    Who do you think we're closer to, Pakistan or Israel? Who would we be more likely to defend?
  23. no, the last thing i would want would be to encourage a nuclear firefight. Talk about a great way to end the world.
  24. McLaren wants you to leave.

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