If you were to buy a high performance...

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by lucky strike, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. exotic/sports car/GT

    Would you actually fall for the technology and get a paddle shift over a manual?
  2. This is the easiest poll ever. 6-speed.
  3. It depends on the car for me really, if it was a GT it would probably be paddle shift/smg for me

    But if it was something like a 430 it would definatly be a 6 speed
  5. It all depends on the car.

    I'd typically go for the 6-speed, but certain cars are made for paddles. I doubt the Scud would be as lethal as it is with a manual around certain tracks.

  6. manual obviously
  7. Paddle shifting is so meh compared to smashing through gears.

  8. Depends on the car. Most cars, traditional manual. But I'd take a Ferrari F1 gearbox. I have very limited experience with it (599), but it was awesome.
  9. most cars are faster in DSG form. Thats not the point.
  10. Ferrari - paddle shift

    Others, manual.
    Maybe unless it's a GT/cruiser an auto/paddle box.
  11. totally depends on the car...

    how about both in one car?
  12. the point im making is why would you want a high performance car with a manual if it was designed and only offered with an F1 gearbox??

    The cars that are/were offered with a manual I would rather have that.
  13. depends.

    will it be my daily driver or not?
  14. i've never used a paddle shift, so i can't really say. but i can't imagine it would be better in anything other than convenience,and chances are it wouldn't be a daily driver. so prolly 6 speed.

    the people saying paddle shift because its faster, you serious? a few milliseconds difference versus a more enjoyable car?
  15. If a dual clutch is available, I will go for the dual clutch (Mitsubishi, Nissan, Audi, Porsche). If it is automated manual (F1, R-tronic or E-gear) I would rather get 6 speed if that is available.
  16. I feel the same way. There good.
  17. depends on the car defiantly.
  19. 6-speed but sequential, not H-type.

    Not paddle shift.
  20. have fun rebuilding your gearbox every 2 days.
  21. Easily F1! Obviously 80% of us havn´t driven a good F1 box like a 599 or a Scuderia...or a regular 430!
    The manual box belongs in the history books.

    "Manual six is the sportiest ever" - ehhh Einstein - wouldn´t you call Formula One "Sporty"?
  22. Which cars with paddle shift have you driven?
  23. Proper manual

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