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  1. i thought an XJ220 was an illegal street car.
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    it isnt. There is a street version and a racing version. The racing is illegal on the streets, that is the TWR. This one is totally legal (if you can keep the speed under a certain point<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>)
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    The XJ220 is not road legal, as it comes from the factory, on any roads in the US. But it is road legal thru most of Europe. Jaguar only imported 10 XJ220's into teh US and that was for a special racing event. If you see any other XJ220's in the US they were imported into the country after, Jaguar sold them over seas.
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    American regulations SUCK....this isn't LEGAL? pfftt..
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    Of course it is legal one of them sold over here in australia for $220,000 and it had a listed registration number on the website.
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    It's a shame that not many were sold. It is a beauty of a car. Also, it changed from a 4WD V12 to a Rear Wheel Drive V6 was because of the lack of money they had.
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    don't try to convince me this is illegal...
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    Anyone here see the world record set by this car back in like 1990 or 92 when Martin BRundle was driving. It is great.
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    well i own 1 in the uk and i know its road legal
  13. There was a change in the U.S. Customs regulations about 2 years ago. Without getting into all the legal jargon it pretty much sums up that any vehichle that can meet the stringent emmisions standards here in the U.S. can be legally registered providing: it carries adequate and verrified insurance, it is driven no more than 2500 miles per year(this will be veryfied by odometer readings from the insurance company as they can only insure the vehichle if driven under 2500 miles per year), It also has to be kept within legal opperating condition, such as adequate maintenacne(as state be fed guidelines) not really sure why they added the hole kept up to federal safety opperating guidelines as im sure any person that has the time and money to import and register one of these types of cars would definatley do things like make sure the brakes work typical government waisting time and their breath. if any one wants to know the exact law just drop a reply and i can post the entire thing.
  14. Nope.. the TWR is also a road legal car. You probably won't get to it but there was an article in Performance Car (February 1995) about the TWR XJ220.

    PS. Well OK - TWR did BOTH street legal and racing (not street legal) versions.

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