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  1. i gots my 2700 thoroughbred runnin on a 180 mhz bus (up from 166, , and my 9800 xt runnin 435/400 (up from 412/365) and im pimpin low 7's in 3dmark 03 niggers, and postin 500 points higher than the 3200 xp and 900 higher than the stock speed. All with a decent heatsink/cpu fan and a case fan. Yeah niggers, thats right, i aint got none of that water coolin shit, im runnin natrualy aspirated, #%[email protected]

  2. My 2800 Barton is running at 2.25ghz. And it's even one of the uber-locked '04 ones. PiFast in 64 seconds.
  3. actually, i think its my motherboard thats holding it back, its like 2 and a half years old, but its been to hell and back and it has some squirly voltage problems, i have to bump up the defualt core voltage for the cpu even when its running stock, i noticed that the voltage would drop .5 volts below what the default value of the cpu sometimes, and it would make the cpu reset. So this thing can only take me so far, im hoping my rig will last me another 8 months or so when i'll build a new one.
  4. By far the best line I've read in a while:

    "Yeah niggers, thats right, i aint got none of that water coolin shit, im runnin natrualy aspirated, #%[email protected]"
  5. It might be your PSU. My mobo is a one-and-a-half year old Gigabyte GA-7VM400M. It had some issues too, but then I got my 450 watt. Vcore is a steady 1.65v, now.
  6. it isnt that. i tried 2 different ones, i had laying around, and i got a brand new one about a month ago, it works the same way on all of them.
  7. yeah thats nothing, im running my athlon 2600+ at 3.5ghz, and i increased the memory on my 9600 PRO to 512mb, and its running at 1050/678 and i added a turbo in case i need the extra boost for gaming.
  8. What mobos and PSU have you got/tried ?
  9. I have a computer and video card and ram and hard drives and stuff. Other stuff. That does.... things.
  10. I think you might be in the wrong thread ...
  11. i have a desk top AND a lap top. and i can use IM on both at the same time.. biatch
  12. I didn't lie! You're just JEALOUS!
  13. You're right, my machine doesn't even have a monitor ...
  14. Me either, I use VR. Whoa.
  15. Display units are for the weak minded.

    I'm typig thod in a mCHIME WTH N9 DVRRM.
  16. I've tuned my mouse.
  17. ....Okay, me jealous now.
  18. 3DMark hates my computer.
  19. I am downloading this program, and will see how inferior my PC is.
  20. Which one? 2001SE, 2003, or 2005?
  21. '05, from bittorrent.
  22. 05 will make anyones pc look shitty
  23. mmmmyes.... I don't like 5fps/0.9fps. Or 982 3Dmarks.

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