I'm back into an Aussie car

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  1. Bought it a week ago, SS Ute. Was the last one I could find in Victoria because Holden had a $33,990.00 drive away deal and they were all sold out. Doesn't matter because I wanted a white one anyway.

    Impressions so far, not as torquey as I was hoping for. It has an annoying lag from when I press the accelerator and it giving me full throttle. Especially noticeable at low revs. Almost feels like a turbo. Hopefully an aftermarket tune will fix that because the engine feels really choked down by computers.

    Pretty bad with the fuel also. On the freeways it's ok but around town it's 15 litres per 100km at best. If I step on it it get's worse, much worse. I knew it was going to drink but some V8 owners must lie about their consumption because I'm geting nowhere near some claims.

    On the plus side, it's fast and handles good around corners (considering how big and heavy it is). Also, the tray is large enough for the equipment I carry. Good car.
  2. Oh and I should say, I had an MY09 Forester (non turbo) for 4 months and it was an appaling car. Seats gave me back ache, engine has no torque, useless off-road, etc. I'm glad I got rid of it.
  3. I is jealous.

    VE SS ute or FG XR6 Turbo ute for me next year.
  4. The XR6 Turbo would be faster I think. I had a (short) race against one in second gear getting onto a freeway a couple of days ago and he beat me easily. Though he didn't sound stock but still, the extra torque was obvious.

    You sohuld probably wait for the series 2 Holdens before deciding.
  5. Nice car congrats on the purchase.

    But it will never sell in the USA man!!!!!#[email protected]!$!
  6. thats cool man, congtars
  7. It's just a cultural difference. For them a ute looks weird but for us it's great.

    I also can't believe how many much attention I get with it. Even more than I got with the S2000. Everyone, from girls in hatchbacks to workmen in warehouses. They all love it.
  8. I love the front on these things.

    Holden got the styling just right I think.
  9. garage looks tiny too! Hard to get in there?
  10. Yeah, reversing in there is a pain. My next place will have to have a double garage.
  11. Nice car. You sold the S2000?
  12. man i thought you said "to women in whorehouses" lol
  13. Its something about utes. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/confused.gif"></A>

    My ute is just a stock BA ... and girls are always saying things like 'hot ute! I love it'.
    And unless its a girl thats into cars, they're like 'I dont like your blue car though' (VL), hahaha (until they find out it has SUBS omg, and goes kinda quick, and sounds 'like a jet').
    But yeah, girls like utes, and old blokes seem to be impressed that I'm only 22 and have a 'nice new ute', .... lol ..
  14. Yeah, ages ago. Was a great car and I still miss it but, it was just too small for me.
  15. An aftermarket tune (and exhaust if you're going down that path) will definently help a lot with the problems you are having. Do be patient seeing as it's new, I've heard many people saying they don't fully "loosen up" or so to speak for 10-20,000km.
  16. i would slow down if i saw you on the road lol. ive seen a few cops in these things.
  17. in utes?
  19. ford
  20. yeah, more and more unmarked cop cars are now utes.
    makes it harder to pick them out from a normal hoon.
  21. i never liked aussie cars
  22. im jealous, wish we had that in the US
  23. thats what you get for living in Toowoomba.
  24. that's cos its pink, bru
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    You were spot on with the tune and exhaust comment. It made the throttle response much better (though still not perfect) and it sounds like a proper V8 now.

    Anyway, here's a video I recorded a few months back of me accelerating.

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