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  1. And it's taking forever. But it's going to be good once it's done.

    I live in this 3-bed attached house from 1953 that I bought in 2015. It's a really good house. 90sq.m, not including a full-height unfurnished basement and not-full-height attic. 50sq.m deck outside, facing south and west. I bought it as an unfinished project where all the expensive kitchen, bathroom, electrical and plumbing stuff was done and pretty much unused. I spent the first three years finishing all the unfinished stuff. Doors, parquet floors, finishing and painting almost every single wall and ceiling, window trims, door trims, ceiling trims and floor trims, just endless trim. It took far longer than it should have, but I'm super happy with the results.

    Anyway, I finished and got bored. So I thought I'd build a garage. Shown as a red rectangle below.

    It's going to be a 5x7m (width x length), and my goal is to be able to put one of the toy cars on coasters, turn it 90deg and shove it into the back while still being able to park a daily driver in there. And theoretically being able to squeeze three cars in. I also do not want it to be a "man cave" so much as a "man panoramic vista" so I will be putting about 5m of glass sliding doors on the wall facing my house. That will make it a mixed-use type deal, where I can also use it for garden parties and what-have-you. More importantly, it will also allow me to look at my cars from inside the house.

    So here's a sketch I did.

    This sketch was made two weeks ago. But I actually started in April.
    I started by cutting down a few trees and thinking I'd dig up the roots to make sure I wouldn't screw up the neighbour's garage when I'd eventually rent a digger. But around the time where the photo above was taken, I started thinking I'd just dig the whole thing by hand.

    So that's what I did.
    That's two weeks between the two photos.

    At this point I had to get rid of all the dirt because it was in my way. And that took about two months. Ugh.

    My driveway is very narrow, so I needed 3 small truckloads worth of gravel to fill the hole. And I paid about three times more than I was expecting, which I'm still not over. Anyway, that's my dear ole dad in the photo, compressing the gravel. He came over for three weeks (I live five hours away from where I grew up).

    A lot happened in those three weeks. We got it all even and compressed, added two nice yellow hoses for electrical, built formwork, put down plastic sheet and rebar.

    I had initially considered mixing it by hand, but I thought that might be a little too much, even for me. So I ordered this super well hung concrete truck instead.

    This took like half an hour.

    A week or so later I got rid of all the formwork and then put some drainage tubes going from where the guttering will lead.
    Check out my nice lawn by the way, I have a robot lawn mower and it's the best (I only included this photo so I could brag about the lawn mower).

    I bought some concrete blockwork, and cemented them in after setting a few upright rebars down into the floor. The garage door-side of the floor is a few cm lower than the opposite (to facilitate water runoff) so I also had to add some concrete to the tops of the blocks to make it level.

    So that's where I'm at right now. Currently evaluating prices (for walls + roof) from three different suppliers, while waiting for a fourth offer. Going to ask a carpenter friend of a friend to help with the structural stuff, then throw the rest of it together myself. I'm sure it'll take a few more months, and we're headed towards winter. Oh well. At least I won't get bored.
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  2. can we see your robot
  3. I'll do you one better, friend.

  4. That little thing?? what does it do with the clippings? Just shoot em out?
  5. Just drops them, actually. The idea is that you let it run a lot, to keep the grass fairly even. As you can tell by the video, it's almost completely silent. The clippings serve as fertilizer. It transformed my buddy's yard, where it was just moss and a few clumps of grass, it's now all grass, baby.

    Here's what it looks like underneath. The circular plate thing spins around, and the 3x blades are allowed to move freely around the screws they are mounted with.
    You have to put a fairly thin cable around the perimeter of your yard (either bury it or use plastic cable plugs to fasten it down to the ground), then a piece of the cable as a guide cable from the charging station to a point on the perimeter wire of your choosing. And then it pingpongs around your yard, much like a Rooma.

    It's almost therapeutic to watch. Sometimes I catch myself staring at it and have to go inside to avoid making the neighbors think I am some kind of deviant.
  6. "he's in love with that robot..."

    "Definitely fucking it."
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  7. I feel so guilty for having two garages and not having proper motivation to use them. I am hoping my plans for next summer will change this though.
  8. Just be like us Americans and fill it with shit that should probably be in a landfill.
  9. I dont think you'll get 3 cars in 5x7m?

    Anyways, looks good so far!

    In Australia, there are lots of 'kits' for this kind of thing. Walls, frames, roofing, insulation, windows and doors. Is there anything like that there, or will you need to order individually?

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