I'm buying a video card...

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  1. Most likely this one. ATI RADEON X1950 PRO 256MB GDDR3 PCI Express.

    Anyone think I should get something diffrent? PCI express and 256mb min required.
  2. Needs more acronyms.
  3. 8800GTS. Do it.
  4. Not bad actually... and its $50 more then the one I'm looking at. I prob will. thank you.

    Heat isnt a problem, and DX10 is worthless to me. But still looks awesome.
  5. Yep, look out for the factory overclocked ones, even better value.
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  7. X1950PRO 512MB


    8800GTS 320MB

    DX10 is not an option for me.

    EDIT: Photoshop > Gaming = Mac
  8. if dx10 is not an option, that throws out the 8800 then
  9. Uhh, why do you need a new card for photoshop?
  10. 8800gts is still a better card than x1950 regardless of DX10.
  11. Well its main purpose will be photoshop. But it will also be in charge of displaying the operationg system, and other programs onto my screen.
  12. You could get a $50 6600GT to do that.
  13. I go through about 300 of photoshoping a day, and 1000's a week of scrollling through. If I havea video card that takes 15 seconds more per picture to auto level then I've waisted a whole shitload of time.

    The point I was going for was that its going to replace my old/broken video card. Its not JUST for photothop.
  14. What's PCI Express? Do they not have AGP anymore?
    Is it like PCI 2.0 or something?
  15. There's still a couple AGP MoBos out there but PCIe definitely holds the future of GPU slots.
  16. x1950gt 256mb is available in AGP. PCI express is x16 whereas AGP is x8.
  17. K, I'm going with the 8800GTS. Thank you all for your help.
  18. Does it have the same slot dimensions as a regular PCI?
    .. and you can use regular PCI stuff in the PCIe slots?
  19. no, its a completely new slot, you can only use pci-e cards. pcie 16x is for video cards, but theres also pcie 1x and 4x, used for stuff like NIC's, HD controllers, etc.
  20. So they're trying to get rid of regular PCI slots?
  21. no, pci is definitely not dead. still used for usb/firewire cards, most hd controllers are still pci, sound cards, physics processors, etc. Just not video cards
  22. Probably only for a a year or two ...

    PCIe will gradually cut in, it's just manufacturers will have to wait until motherboards with PCI are no longer on sale.

    PCI-X will probably live on, but it's easier for motherboard/chipset manufacturers to drop PCI support in favour of PCIe.

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