I'm disapointed!

Discussion in '1997 Dodge Copperhead' started by hennesseyms, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. The Razor is a lot better concept than this, I'm disapointed...<!-- Signature -->
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    ur rite. i agree. y does the front look so narrow? The Razor concept does looks so much better than this car.
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    You can't be 2 disappointed! This car was made 5 years ago! 5 years before the Razor. Ive seen this car in real life and it was easily one of the nicest cars Ive ever seen. I believe they said there was 30 coats of paint on this car. The car looks wet all the time, even when its dry<!-- Signature -->
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    Man, I dont know why, but maybe its just me, I freaking love how this car looks...the wheels body lines everything. Sadly they made with pansy ass performance in my opinion even for 5 years ago. Maybe one of the reasons Copperhead was never born. TT
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    Analogic has a point it was 5 years ago, So they have made the razor with 5 more years of expierience.

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    I'm disapointed!

    Me too. Looks like It would be faster. This is a sad day for Dodge engines

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    I agree, but this forum is based on the past Coperhead, not the Razor.
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    I just finished cutting up some dude that thinks this thing is crap. I satd this to him, and I'll say it to you: don't diss Dodge because it doesn't perform as good as the average Joe Blow Kokomo wants it to. Sure, it MIGHT be less than expected in the look factor (at least that's what I'm getting from this discussion), but hey, like that guy Analogic said, it was 5 years ago. Get over it.
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    I was disappointed in the performance of this car but not the styling. It has beautiful lines and i think it looks really good. But the performance by far didnt cut it.

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