I'm dissapointed

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  1. I was really anticipating this car, along with the Ferrari F430 Challenge Stradale (which isn't out yet) and I am pretty dissapointed with this car. Both the new GT3 and the new Turbo are both brilliant cars, and I'm sure this one is too, but...this car seems like a 911 Turbo-S or something. It's extremely quick, but I don't knw...I guess I was expecting more...anyone else have the same feeling?
  2. Hate to say I agree....really hate....
  3. The back end disappoints me, but other than that, I'm thrilled.
  4. I'd take one. I dont think they should have changed a thing (excpet those vents in the back) I like it.
  5. there's no need to be disappointed, all you hve to do is just think a 911 gt3 with about 80 more hp. it will probly beat the gt's 7:40 time around the nur. plus the 911 is THE BEST cars at any price, now its faster and ligher. cant wait to get my tax return.
  6. Tax return? lol, you can't afford this. And this has 115hp more than the GT3, I'd still take the GT3 RS over this, and faster than the Carrera GT? Not a chance, not aroudn the ring at least.
  7. dissapointed...lacks the aggression of the previous GT2.the GT3 looks more stunning.
    but the rear end looks mean...yet ugly.
  8. my bad the carrera gt's best time based on the ring times on this web site is 7:28? the best time for a gt3 is 7;36? it is really difficult to find 8 seconds on a race track but with the 115hp diff in power from gt3 to gt2, plus thats boosted( lots of mid range punch, and top end) vs the na power of the gt3, they may be able to find that time. The only thing that would stop it is porsche. As they did with the cayman they will not allow the 911 model to surpass the carrera gt. unless they release another gt model, which they may do in the next two years, since they now have an lmp1? car racing programme.just my 5 cents
  9. I'd be quite interested in seeing what Porsche is doing to replace the Carrera GT.
  10. I wouldn't be suprised if the GT2 would get a better time than the GT around he nur. I mean really the GT is like 3 almost 4 years old now, cars are getting faster. And its not difficult to shave of 8 seconds around the nur especially with 115 extra hp. As a track gets longer then its easier to shave off seconds because theres more room for improvement. Kinda like runnuing a mile VS. running a 40 yrd dash.
  11. but the GT is a mid-engine mounted and it had 80+ more horses that the GT2.
  12. Moooooooooooooooooooore POWER. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. it looks like it has been made by a 4 year old but it cool
  14. ? I think you're a 4 year old
  15. Yes the distance is longer but the GT is also being drive at its limit and is also improving so its very difficult to find 8 seconds on a hot lap. but on another note reports are comming in that a gt2 ith a factory test driver did a 7:32 which is for all that are not familar with the nur is very, very fast, second to all MAINSTREAM cars except the GT. Porsche is king of the nur and if you rule the nur, you can finish that. cant wait to see what the ferrari scudari or what ever it is called. can do or even the upcomming corvette ss is gonna do. Porsche is so bold that they set the bar for very body which it will take like 3-6 years to beat that time. there is no substitute
  16. he supports arsenal...
  17. shut up.
  18. yeah I agree with all of you, this new 911 GT2, isn't nothing more than a 911 turbo uprated in every angle, looks like the GT" charisma has fall out.

    I was expecting better looks and some serious hp, but we can�t request more for that bargain performance, left the techart masters in tuning 911 to get the extra appeal that the gt2 deserves
  19. I wouldn't say no if someone gave me this car. I think it looks great, performs well and... well what more can you ask for?
  20. Disappointed by the GT2? It's the standard Turbo that always disappoints me now. It always gets more luxurious and heavy, with AWD, and looks barely different from the standard 911. The GT2 is how the Turbo used to be- purposeful and more than a little intimidating.
  21. This car is amazing.
  22. I have no clue how you could possibly be disappointed. The previous 5 year old GT2 is already faster than pretty much all of todays supercars. This car is FIFTEEN SECONDS FASTER at the ring, and walter roehrl said it scared him it was so fast in places. scaring a rally driver is hard to do.

    when the reviews come out it will be very clear its not just a turbo S. Its fast, brutal, unforgiving, and while pics may not show it, much better looking. the 996 GT2 and 996 turbo didnt look that different in pictures, but put them next to eachother and its a massive difference in real life.

    I dont quite get how you could be disappointed by a 530hp, 3100 pound car thats keeping up with the carrera GT and is faster than the zonda F, koenigsegg, 430S, gallardo SL, 599, and everything else around, and costs right at about 200k.
  23. yeah well you're all homos
  24. f_ck u and ur ''disappointment''
    This car is the best Porsche ever along with the Carrera GT.

    oh, by the way i really love FC Bayern Munich... seriousley
    ..//. //..

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