I'm eating McDonalds...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Wheelman, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. There's a horrible white paste inside of most potatoes.
  2. then i don't want to go to any other fast food place in america. they are disgusting.
  3. The fries at McDonald's differ from place to place from my experience.
  4. you misspelled your name
  5. Jesus Christ, even Wendy's has better fries than McDonald's, man.
  6. No dude, you're totally right. McDonalds is not only different in Europe, it's different in almost ever country in Europe. The sauces are different, the menu is different, the fries are different, the whole restaurant is. In some countries McDonalds even tries to be like an upscale place, with fancy furniture and table service.
  7. Arby's curly fries beat the shit out of anyone else's. And don't get me started on In N Out.
  8. gosh dang it. now i want mcd's
  9. McDicks buys their fries from McCain Foods, in North America. They just fry them.
  11. They buy all of their food from other places.
  12. mcdonalds ARE the best fries. Ever.
  13. make sure to never go to a mcdonalds in europe then.
  14. The worst part about McDonalds is the sausage patties. Whoever designed the machine to make those is a total goon.
  15. What do you guys call Big Macs, quarter pounders, filet-o-fish and other stuff? Any hilarious dutch names?
  16. let's see:

    bigmac = bigmac
    quarter pounder = quarter pounder
    mcchicken = mcchicken
    cheeseburger = cheeseburger
    fries = fries

  17. yes but they aren't the same fries you get in the frozen aisel.

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