I'm Getting a Truck!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by AMGrulz, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. I ordered the steering column. Haven't done anything to it in-person because I have a #%!@ of a job. When I get some time off, work will resume.
  2. It's a Chrysler. You're basically #$%#ed.
  3. Wonder why it went into limp mode? I have a feeling something is not quite right with the transmission. It is a little lump from 1st-2nd (has been since new) and my mum got it stuck the other day in traffic, the car would not go into gear.

    I was surprised how good it was off road on road tyres until I stuffed the transmission. In low range it went through pretty much anything. The traction control system was excellent.
  4. Why?
  5. Chrysler vehicles have a reputation for shit like this.
  6. so you bought the truck ??
  7. Its pretty good so far apart from this. The only part that isn't Chrysler (the ZF transmission) appears to be the fault. I don't want to know what a new ZF 8 speed costs here, because its the type of thing Jeep won't cover under warranty because the car was off road. Companies try and pull that shit here all the time.
  8. tell me what happened in less than 10,000 words
  9. should i buy cl63 amg w215 or sec amg
  10. I've been in the middle of a #$%#ing cattle ranch for the last five days, so no - not yet.
  11. I've been off-roading the FJ quite a bit lately and nothing has broken and it hasn't gotten stuck because it's awesome.
  12. I agree FJ is awesome. But uses a tonne more fuel. 8 speed (broken) for the win.
  13. pozt peekshures
  16. Not much of a picture taking crew (bunch of redneck jeepers mostly), should get some good ones this weekend though. Not much mud around here right now, haven't seen any appreciable rain in a couple of weeks now.
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    What's the mpg while its sitting in the shop?

    FJ gets me 15.5-17 no matter what I'm doing. In town, highway, light towing, offroading. I'm kinda tired of checking the mileage cause its always the same.

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    Its not in the shop, the engine light has gone off, so it will get checked over on Monday. I think it might have overheated a clutch in the 4wd system of something like that. Nothing showed up on the standard diagnostics on the screen, but I guess the OBD2 data might say something different. Not sure if low range is working though, who knows.

    Certainly the prado 4wd system is more robust than the quadratrac 2, and I love the FJ cruiser, its a great car. I might get one, they still sell them here. The only thing that turns me off is the fuel economy. Back in the day I had an 80 series Landcruiser, it was a decent car. Unbreakable.
  19. 2014 is the last year they're building FJs. As far as the mileage, the automatics do ~15-20% better on the highway just because they have 2wd avail.
  20. Nope, 2014 is the last year they are selling them in the USA. They still make them and they will be on sale here for the foreseeable future.
  21. Interesting. I had read that it was the end of production, but seems you're correct.
  22. $1500. White on baby-shit brown. It's already eaten $500 in parts. Not even mad.
  23. If they put a decent gearbox in Id get one in a second. But with fuel prices here, running a 5 speed, in a 2 tonne car is going to increase my consumption massively. I don't mind going up to 10-12l/100km, Im probably at that with the way I drive anyway, but I don't think you'd get much under 20/l in an FJ on mud tyres in city traffic.

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