Im getting sick of the trans am

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by 280zv8, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. my friend has a 1997 elantra. he revs that thing like hell, and his gear-changing skills suck,to say the least. it's been nearly 10 years, but it goes quite well. getting a 2007 one would'nt be a bad idea, come to think of it. like all hyundais except for the tiburon, it doesnt look that good though.
  2. The new Sonata looks ace.
  3. the new sonata looks very good, i really like them. not sure if i could get used to the interior which is less than par.
  4. It's pretty good, dude. Not quite Toyondazdassan level, but good enough.
  5. Id get rid of it as well.
  6. Sorry to hear you car is not working out. Next time definallty pop the hood, look under the car, etc...
  7. The tiburon is fugly as hell.
  8. I told you that it will go to shit.
  9. you'd think that driving a Buick all this time would atleast prepare you for the Hyundai's "sub par" interior
  10. Basing an opinion of reliability for a make or model on teh reliability of an example apparently hacked up by a retarded PO, is in itself retarded. ANY car can be made to be an unreliable POS if the PO is a dipshit and hacks up the wiring...
  11. The previous owner clearly didnt take care of it...
  12. SHO or fox body sounds great. But watch out in the SHO some have electrical problems that are permenant so make sure u know what your buying. i like the 1st gens myself
  13. How can you people suggest a SHO or Fox body when the guy is complaining about reliability???
  14. The new Sonata is a fantastic car.
  15. I just went for a ride in one, as far as I'm concerned, the ranking of the class is as follows:


  16. And then when you factor in price, the Sonata looks even better.
  17. A loaded V6 leather for 30,000 dollars is amazing.
  18. i think once i get the cat replaced, the air working right, and the plug wires in the right spot it will be a great car for somone else. when i went to look at the car the owner was nice as hell, seamed to know what he was talking about, and didnt seem like the asshole i see him as now. i got played, im 17 years old, what can i say...

    im not saying that all 4th generation f-bodies are bad cars, this one is, but not all of them. i just dont like the thing. it just doesnt feal right, and after driving the mustang around since i was 15 i just like it better,in my opinion it sounds better, looks better, handles/rides better, and has a much nicer interior and sound system. and i cant feel the 15 extra hp the 97 trans am has on the 2001 mustang. this is my opinion though.if i get a 94-95 sn95 with a 5.0 it will be just as fast as the t/a with very little work. When i buy the mustang ill be anal about everything because i know now that people can be dickheads.

    speaking the of the mustang it got wrecked on the 101 freeway today, some dumbass rearended me and smashed me into the car in front of me. i think it might be totalled. i have really bad luck with cars.
  19. Get a 2003 Cobra.
  20. #$%# YES! now the little problem with money. Actually if they send me over to to the middle east in a year or two ill come back with 15-20k cobras shouldnt be much more then that by then. finance a procharger kit and im good to go.
  21. Because for fun to drive vehicles they ARe fairly reliable?
  22. Haven't had too much experience with the F-Bodies, but my dad had a 94 and a 98 mustang. I liked them both quite a bit for what they are. I got to drive the 98 quite a bit and had no complaints, and if you like a 2001 I'm sure you'd find the 94-95s to be just fine. Plus they can be had for even less than the F-Bodies I'm pretty sure.

    That sucks about the wreck too, sorry to hear about that.
  23. The TA is just as reliable as a Fox or a SHO, so my point is why get a car that is going to have the same issues as the one he has now?
  24. how about ditching the LT1 trans am and getting an LS1. they barely come in for problems at my work, mainly LT1 and 3.8 V6 models are in for service.
  25. because thats what he said he was thinking about

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