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  2. Go get her, tiger.
  3. Get it, right now.
  4. Do not hesitate or i will kill you. I saw one the other dayand it awas awesome
  5. only $10,000!? get it or I will also kill you.
  6. Yeah, that could definitely use some sprucing up. The Charger never was one of my favorite muscle cars though.
  7. We will all rise as one and slay you if you do not obtain that vehicle.
  9. A good project car.
  10. It does need sprucing, but you can't beat that deal.
  11. Hmm, fresh looking paint on a neglected looking car (interior/engine bay), makes me wonder the metal-filler ratio
  12. I say go for it. But hurry, other people see this deal and they jump right on it.
  13. For 10K that is a great Deal! Although it may need some re-doing, for the price, it's in great shape.
  14. If you buy it and buy a 440 to put in it and get some correct hub caps you could well over double or tripple your money.
  15. Too much for a non R/T.
  16. A real beauty, you better buy this bad boy before I do! Makes me miss my old '70 440 R/T Charger. Go for it, or else!!!!!
  17. 10 000 is an ok price but I would definetely jump on the occasion if ever I saw one of those. Give it a nice paint job and it could look like nothing you've ever seen before.
  18. if u shoved 8 grand cash in that guys face hed take it. the price says 10k or best offer.
  19. It really is too much for a non-RT.
  20. tell us if you got the car.
  21. There are only two things holding me back, really. Color and price.

    $10k is about 4-5 too much for something in this condition that isn't an R/T.

    And the color is another issue. I want the final version to be black, but this one isn't. Full color changes cost money. The upside is, though, it's pretty close to black.
  22. tell me your picks ? hummer h2 or escalade ford gt or dodge viper
    bugatti veyron or ferrari enzo rolls royce phantom or maybach 57 pagani zonda or koenigsegg CCR and finally lamborghini gallardo or ferrari 430
  23. H2
    Ford GT
    Ferrari Enzo
    Rolls Royce Phantom
    Pagani Zonda (F!)
    Ferrari F430
  24. How does this have any relevance to any of what is being discussed in this thread?
  25. Volkswagen Jetta, next question.

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