I'm in Toronto

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  1. It's dirty, and smelly and warm.

    its like a dump with more black people.
  2. Toronto used to be home to the worlds largest phallic symbol. It's still home to the largest completed phallic symbol, but really, nobody cares.
  3. What's your excuse?
  4. Sister's University Graduation
  5. Toronto is pretty sick.
  6. zomg pics
  7. literally.
  8. an ice cream truck just drove by, so wicked.
  9. butthurt frenchie
  10. I would live in Toronto if it wasn't that cold. My tropical self can't take all that snow and ice.
  11. I don't care about T.dot, you ex-Russian.
  12. go to Jane & Finch.
  13. "Soon after it was established, Jane-Finch was already being portrayed as a hub for crime and social problems, and is often compared to several famous American ghettos such as South Los Angeles, Compton, Harlem, south and west sides of Chicago, and even Houston's Fifth Ward in terms of violence and decay."
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  15. Toronto has several ghettos as bad or worse then Jane and Finch.
    1) Malvern (Markham and Mclevin)
    2) Regent Park (Parliament and Dundas)
    3) Jamestown (Kipling and John Garland) which is a part of Rexdale

    Jane and Finch is just a name.
  16. My mom used to teach at Regent Park school. They had several lockdowns because the police were chasing people with guns nearby/in the schoolyard.
  17. The worst I've seen is near Shourbourne. My friend lived in the deepest of ghettos there, and man it got scary at night. PURE crack heads.
  18. They were filming a movie at my workplace yesterday (Lotus dealer). I was sitting around with a couple of the actors, and one of them said he grew up in scarborough and people would get shot/stabbed all the time. Also that in his apartment building people would always piss in the elevator.
  19. I'm sorry to hear that.
  20. I saw the closed off part of Dupont the other night, I was wondering why so many Elises/Exiges were moved out of the showroom. You work at Gentry Lane?

    BTW, The downtown core is pretty awesome, I don't know how you could possibly dislike that.
  21. I love toronto.
  22. Nice, I was in Montreal. Back in Toronto now, we kickass...somewhat. Jane and finch is just a name, much worse area's for sure.
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  24. I love how it's all the Frenchies ragging on TO. Their opinions are therefore null/void.

    PS: autophile do you work at Gentry?
  25. +1

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