I'm just using this as scrennie central

Discussion in 'MooSquad's Website Forum' started by Boris Goodenough, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. What I meant is that its easier to find people and organise instance raids when you have more people.
    And yeah PvP; I was in WSG 5-6 times today and it was Horde 3 Alliace 0 everytime.
  2. Alliance doesn't try to work together, it's pathetic. They sit around and turtle while they're losing or farm for kills.
  3. ;_;
  4. i actually should start playing it again. should i?
  5. Check out hte mad upload.
  6. Nihilum is a Horde guild. They killed C'Thun and Kal'Thuzad first.
  7. beastforum would approve.

    Also fordracing, what class/race were you?
  8. My main is a night elf Druid, but lately I've been playing my 19 warrior. Smithy ftw

    server is Perenolde
  9. Deadmines is fun
  10. It seems to me that Bliz made the nelfs as assholeish as they possibly could.
  11. Forgot to add though; druids are awesome.
  12. happy halloween
  13. Boo yah, under SW death
  14. Most frustrating game OF ALL TIME

    Note Smithy's (me) flag returns.
  15. what the hell were you doing there?
  16. Chillin'
  17. Edit: I can tell you how to get there if you want
  18. Successful kite.
  19. Just needed a hosting palce :O
  20. i'm horde so i can't get to stormwind.

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