I'm looking for cheap ($30 max) earbuds

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by mclaren777, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. hahaha
  2. up high!
  3. US$30 is cheap for earbuds?
  4. ya bro clean too so clean
  5. Sennheiser is very much mainstream when it comes to headphones, I like them for earpad and fullsized ones though. Ultimate Ears? Come on, you should know they don't make anything that's $30.

    Also, when it comes to in-ear stuff, ear canal headphones are worlds better than earbuds. I use Etymotic ER-4Ps and they're excellent, but they're not exactly in your price range. Go with the Yuins Christofurr recommended and buy Sony when you're buying a TV or Blu-Rays, not with headphones.
  6. Whats wrong with them? their not too bad
  7. they're for peoplewith stupid beards, some kind of gay mouth piercing and toques with "skulls" on them.
  8. lol
  9. They also apparently sound really terrible.
  10. just bought some v-moda bass response.
  11. I got really sick of paying out the ass for iPod earbuds that broke every 6 months, so far those skullcandy ones have held up pretty well
    The sound isn't that bad
  12. Relative to what?
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    yes, the second ones. I've heard many a good review and they're dirt cheap so unless they're made of very finely woven glass, it would seem hard to go wrong.
  14. In reality, they are probably really good, I;m just being a high end audio snob because I have $15 Sennheisers. lol

    If I'm sitting I have sik speakers to listen to my music with anyways, I only use my headphones when I'm on the goooo.

    What kind of those skullcandy things u got bro
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    Skullcandys do really remind me of those emo kids for some reason though



    excep[t mine were cheap
  16. My nose is high in the air.
  17. Hold the phone.

    You actually bought ipod earbuds?
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  19. Skullcandy earbuds beat the shit out of iPod earbuds and for $20 you cant complain really.
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