im not buying this sh%$

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  1. It has gotten tougher with each year to be a japanese sports car fanatic... i mean all the major sports cars got killed off im sure i dont need to mention them. and what does acura/honda do? they kill off the last remaining japanese super car the type R integra, and they replace it with this look alike.... but im not buying this sh!t, not only is it slower than the type R it is also harder to tune.

    Do you guys actually think that this car is going to be the future of japanese sport cars or is this just a crock of sh!t?

    P.S cant wait for lancer evo and STI impreza WRX :( <!-- Signature -->
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    why is this harder to tune?

    in order to make a good integra type-r you'd either have to go the all-motor route (so strengthen up the internals and get better engine management).

    or you would have to turbocharge it. i thought the standard rsx ran 9:1 compression ratio. doesn't the type-R run a 10.5:1? so you owuld have to change out those pistons anyways. the rest is suspension and perhaps a better exhaust and intake. nothing a few bolt-ons wouldn't help.

    i do however think the new civic Si hasn't got scratch on the old one. its redline is 6750rpm. that's pretty sad.
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    hey, way too fast for me, whats your job???
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    a stoc k Lexus IS300 can whoop the "Supercars" ass
    this shouldn't even be here go put it in the shitty car department
    My Mustang Cobra Could kill this Shit
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    Whats your point a WS^ could destroy the lexus and that stoopid cobra of yours and look 10 times better doing it dont bad mouth the RSX for a 2 liter thats alot of HP and fun to drive at that
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    coool car!!

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