I'm so happy they never produced this

Discussion in '1972 BMW Turbo Concept' started by Robertt, Dec 13, 2002.

  1. I am so happy BMW never produced this car, looks terrible, worst BMW ever.
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    Youve gotta admit though, thats some good power for an old 70's inline four with a turbo...Especially from BMW
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    It needs a DOUBLE LOAD OF NOS!!!!!!!!!
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    nos is dumb as shit, that's a cheater's way to speed. i won't even call it a cheater's way to hp or torque, cuz it isn't either. super/turbocharging are fine, you're essentially upping the size of the cylinders without boring--just compressing the gas into each cyl--but when you start tweaking what the fuel's made out of, that's cheater's shit. not only that, but it's for stupid little boys like you.
    and this car's awesome, i would love this car, i can't believe BMW never made it.
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    I agree with RacePhreak13, NOS is "dumb as shit" and its a loser's and a cheater's way of winning. You have no skill whatsoever, all you do is push a little red button conveniently placed on your steering wheel like a moron who doesn't know how to race.
    And this car should have been produced...it's amazing!

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    its the m1
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    thats true to a certian point......but if you have one of the really big NOS systems, you can blow your engine. its happened to my cousins friend, he overrevved his Mitsubishi Eclypse because he had a HUGE system installed and had no idea what he was doing.......poor guy. but i still disagree, its like saying that putting in a turbo is cheating. while some people may agree with that statement, its a very cost effective way of greatly increasing the hp and speed. if your gonna tune ur car, u should at least do it cost effectively, and NOS is a good, cheap, and VERY fun way of doing it. but i do agree that it shouldnt be used on the track, at least when doing a time trial, because it shows the skill of the driver and his selectivity in using NOS, not how good the car is.
    anyways, thats just my two cents on NOS.
    but staying on track with the thread........i actually like this car, it has really good tech for its time. 140bhp per liter is pretty good for even today, and back then its amazing. so yea, cool car, kind of ugly tho......but most that werent american muscle back then were kind of ugly.
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    They have produced this car, its called the M1. The editor of @perfprmance bmw owns one, it'l set u bak about 55k in uk pounds. You got to give it to bmw for achieving that much bhp in 1972.
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    Yes it is the M1 prototype the first M car built by BMW. But they didn't sell very well. The body was designed by Lambo and alot of the engineering and production work was done with Lambo. But lambo went under so they had to continue with some other people. But first they had to literally break in to Lambo's factory and steal the body molds so weren't sold for scrap by the receiver. The whole point of the car was to compete with the porsche 911 in international sports car racing. So BMW would have to sell 400+ cars at about 35000 British pounds, this is when the Ferrari 308 GTS cost less that 20000. But by the time it came out international sports car racing rules changed so that it was competitive anyway.

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