I'm still tired of Mercedes

Discussion in '2005 Brabus CLS 55' started by MooSquad, Nov 25, 2004.

  1. I know it's not the right column for this but speaking of Beemer's engines, why the hell don't BMW drop their 500HP V10 into the 645, along with the other upgrades, and call it an M6?

    As far as this Merc goes, I'd take it over the M5 anyday. The new BMWs are pretty ugly, but especially the 5 series.
  2. The V10 M6 will soon be introduced.
  3. good call
  4. Its not meant to be aggresive, its meant for a smooth relaxing ride and a calming look that mercedes captures well in some of there cars. Its meant for the Big European billionare fatasses.lol
  5. i like it cause it looks so different, however if i had to change its looks in any way id change the rear end even just the rear lights. i have never minded MB but have allways prefered BMW and more recently Audi. and from what i have read this model is a good improvement over MB's previous model line up. seems as though they have woken up and started producing cars that can compete w/ BMW.
  6. Actually, both BMW and Mercedes Bens make "luxury sport cars." That's what they are called in Germany. It is aimed at being a fast luxury car. About the 20's, Mercedes would attract more people than a BMW or other "luxury sports car." If I had the money, I would get this car. I would also not live where I am now due to the fact that it will be stolen within the hour of me getting home. Another thing, "Mr. Vette" said the he didn't like the rear end. I agree with you. But also, I don't like the new Vettes rear end. I prefer the oval lights over circle. But that is just my opinion. Later guys.
  7. No, actually that description fits with loaded middle-age fatass americans who still havent found the joy of driving.
  8. The suttle asthetic changes Brabus made to outside of this car are a big improvement and acutally improve performance and handling. Personally I think this car is beautiful, most of your jaws would hit the pavement if this car drove through your neighborhood. I don't think anyone can argue with the stats. You guys who hate the rear end have tunnel vision, all you seem to like are sports cars with very aggresive stances. Turn your heads to the left and right an little their are other types of cars out there. Overall I definately prefer sports cars but I'm open to other platforms. This is a luxury car that will blow the doors off of 90% of the cars on the road.
  9. You all fail miserably, none of you will ever drive a car half as good as this one, I bet hardly any of you have your licenses.

    Anyone who thinks doing a 4.2 0-60 in ultimate luxury is a bad thing, they need to commit suicide post haste.

    Shut up, this car is awesome.

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