Im thinking bout buying a 300zx wat would be best choice help!

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    hey cream n stuart, annother question i want to ask, so 1990 and 1996 suks so away wit those 2.
    anywayz so 1991-1995 Twin Turbo is besT, ther is no other differnece to each other right except for a da spoiler, cause if it is i want to get a newer year, cause imma hook my car up n get like a aluminum spoiler so if there is no other differnece but da spoiler look, tell me plz, if there are any other differences, tel me plz, thank you
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    You got any pictures of your car Cream? I put a new boost gauge in mine a few days ago. It reads 100% what it should be. 0.65bar which is 9.2 psi. My stock dial reads 14psi. And as soon as I touch my accelerator, the new boost shoots up to 0bar straight away. The stock one takes about 2 seconds to reach 0.

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    My car is mostly stock. Only have an exhaust on. Nothing special just a Mongoose. Dont think there is any real performance gain from it, just a very deep rumble at about 2000rpm. Oh and traction control. Not really used when pulling off in a straght line. More for pulling out of junctions and traffic.
    I dont race. Round Towns I dont even try. Unless its at lights I know I can be infront of them by 30 mph, and then I stay there. To start it dangerous and not worth me losing my licene over or risking some ones life.
    The only place I will do anything is on a stretch of road which is 70mph limit and has loads of traffic lights to stop and go at. I will only go upto 70-75ish because any faster than that I will get done for speeding which will mean a fine, point on licence, higher insurance. Plus if some one pulls out at 70 the are not expecting a car to be doing 100 coming up behind them.
    However, so far I have had an Audi TT being embarrassed. Porsche 911 about a 1996 one, that got well and truley beaten. At 70 I was 5-6 car lenghts infront, I was very disappointed in that cars performance. The driver came flying past me about10 seconds later doing about 100 with a really pissed off face. BMW 750, 5litre V8 that is. Nissan 200SX, well beaten.
    Mostly small boy racer cars that have a go. I mean 1.1 to 1.6 cars with the 20 inch alloys which grind on the wheel arches. For some reason they think they can have a chance. But it maybe that they want to see what my car can do.
    Then you have the boyracer in 2litre cars. Like Astra Sports. You dont have them in the US. Its 2litre about 110-120bhp, but about as heavy as a Z. Unfortunalty they really thing they stand a chance.
    You can tell that the smaller cars are having a little fun by the way the look at my car and then mess around trying to race then have a good look when I shoot past.
    The 2litre racers, are all serious, giving you dirty looks, reving thier engine really high trying to make a popping noise out of the exahust so big, dogs crawl into it to keep out of the rain.

    I dont know if I want to mod it any more. I was gonna put an induction kit on it. Well I may still do that. At least I can still put the old one back on. I was thinking about decatting it, but then there is a the problem of turbo pressire blowing the seals. And I cant really afford to have them replaced. Then there is the chip. But that is when serious damage can be done. If I did all of them I will be close to 400bhp, and then I will need a new clutch.
    A part of me is saying more more more. But a part of me is saying, keep it original, it will be worth more in the long run, save my money and make it better looking. Get rid of the stone chips. Small amounts of rust, stuff like that.

    What you got on yours?

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    TwinTurboTT: Hate to break it to you but I don't think your insurance will be any lower with a Twin Turbo 300ZX than with a Supra Turbo.

    Here is a good place to start looking for information on Z's,

    Here is the home page:

    If and when you join, just becareful what you post, and use the search functions, otherwise you are at the wrath of the forum.

    Good luck.

    P.S. I drive a 91 Twin Turbo and I absolutely love it.
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    how much does 1993 300zx TT cost per month on insurance, average drivers?

  6. 300zx are awesome, i would love to have a supra but i wont be able manage da insurance cost.
    ok anywayz,
    wat year of 300zx is fastest n best, im thinkn 1996, but some say 1993 is better n 1994 is better
    wat is best 300zx, fastest, most comfortable n reliable? 93-96 TT
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    I went for a 1991 too, becuase most of the problems where ironed out by then, and was believed to be the fastest of all the year. But that is just a rumour. HEHEHEHE
    I prefer the flat wing rather than the slightly raised on like show in the picture.


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