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Discussion in '1995 Lotus Esprit S4s' started by Vajra, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Hey I'm thinking of buying one of these Lotus Esprit, I'm buying a used '94 maybe but I'm wondering if they're worth it. Now I dont know if I'm reading this wrong or what but it says a Inline 4, please tell me this is a V8 with 4 Valves / Cylinder and thats just the way they name car in Europe (how many valves / cylinder). If its not at least V8 I refuse to buy it, I can get either a Red Convertible L88 Corvette or a 1982 Corvette Collectors Edition (which kinda resembles the Stingray) for the price I'm going to get the Esprit. And the '82 Vette is actually cheaper. Or I could get a Honda S2000 or a Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4. <!-- Signature -->
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    If you have to ask about this being a four pot, you don't deserve to have one. Yes, 4 cylinders, but certainly one of the best Esprit variants - and in my opinion, the best power-steering E-V-E-R in a sportscar.

    Buy a Lotus for the handling - don't piss around mentioning Hondas or Mitsubishis - this is a mid-engined track tool - with a level of performance that can't be quantifiedsimply by how quickly it gets to 60 or 100 or a quarter mile. If you can't understand that (if you're in doubt, go and test drive it) then I think I speak for all Lotus owners - we don't want to be associated with you - don't buy it.
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    A lotus is an amazing machine. When i first took a gander at Lotus' i was stunned when i found out that this thing ran on a I4. But its a massively powerful engine. Its 0-60 is fast enough but this thing is undescribeable around corners. Really something that needs to be experienced.
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    If I ever had the chance to buy this car, I would not hesitate. and Vajra, The I-4 shows better performance than the V-8 model.
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    i import these along with other "supercars" into australia. and i must admit out of all the cars i bring in these have the best bang for the buck. head to head with the v8 its about equal. BUT, turbo's can prove to be more expensive to maintain in the long run. but hey, you're buying a supercar its not like it was gonna be cheap to maintain anyway. i sell more of these then i do v8's. amazing cars. possibly my favourite. although getting to drive a lot of really good cars on a day to day basis it's hard to choose a favourite. theyre all special in their own ways. if it was my money and i wanted the fastest best handling car out there? id choose one of these.
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    I definately rcomend buying it!
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    From what you're saying, it doesn't sound like you really want a Lotus Esprit. Or, if you do, the reason you want it is the looks and not what lies under the skin.

    BTW, there is a V8 version of the Esprit. It was brought out to satisfy the demands of people who fixate on the number of cylinders but I have yet to hear a single person say that it is a better car than the S4s.

    Lotus is all about finesse and balance. That and their legendary reputation of squeezing absurd amounts of power out of small engines. In factory tune, the S4s puts out more than 300bhp and with various after-market mods, this can be boosted to nearly 400. Far more power and less weight than a vintage 1980s Corvette and the handling... An Esprit will drive circles around any Corvette ever made.

    A Honda S2000? Compared to an Esprit? Rubbish. The Honda may rev to 9000RPM but I used to own one and it can most charitably be described as gutless. For this reason the rear end is so ridiculously low-geared that it only makes 18mph/1000 RPM in 6th gear. It is virtually useless for freeway driving. On twisty roads, the rear end is incredibly squirrely and Honda's decision to make the front wheels larger than the rear ones to try to fix the handling makes the car look slightly odd and disproportionate from certain angles.

    I've also driven a Mitsubishi VR4 and it is so much heavier than an Esprit that whatever extra power it has is more than lost in trying to move the car's enormous bulk.

    If you want a posermobile, pass up the Vette and buy a Viper. If you want something that will make your heart sing every time you drive it, buy a Lotus.

    Oh yeah, one other thing about Loti. The late, great Mr. Colin Chapman who founded Lotus and whose engineering genius is responsible for what Lotus became and remains to this day... was not a big man. He was something like 5'8" and rather slightly built. All Lotus cars are built for people Chapman's size or slightly larger. I'm 5'11" and weigh 190lbs and can just barely fit comfortably in an Esprit or Elise. Anyone who is bigger than I am is unlikely to be happy in one.

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