I'm thinking of getting an MP3 player

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Blitzschnell, May 8, 2006.

  1. But I don't want an iPod because (a) they're too trendy and (b) I don't want to use iTunes as I've heard nothing but terrible things. The Nano seriously impresses me with its size, and if it wasn't for iTunes, I'd probably get one.

    Please to recommend a good MP3 player.
  2. iTunes is a godsend. It's so easy to use. I don't know who you talked to about it, but it really is amazing.

    If you don't get an iPod, I also hear good things about iRiver, which is usually cheaper for more songs.
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  4. Get an iPod.

    iTunes is #$%#ing great. iPods look great and anything else at the same GB level won't be much cheaper. I don't understand buying alternative players, since they're never better. I guess the Zen might have FM radio or something, if you care.
  5. I love iTunes
  6. creative Zen its not tiny, but it will fit in your pocket and hold several gb of songs for normally less than an equivlant ipod, also with video lcd screans.

    and no nazi'ized program that you have to convert all you files into (see itunes)
  7. the problem with itunes is it converts everything you have to that format (because it wont play unless you convert) and then other players systems cant read teh files anymore, so youll...
  8. see the sandisk in my link, it's combines the looks of an ipod with the functionality of a zen.
  9. but if anyone wants to tell me a MP3 playter that takes memory cards (SD) i'd be greatful, really nothing expensive, as i already have a 1gb memory card (which is plenty of space for me.)
  10. ...make copies before importing them
  11. all of my files are mp3 or m4a so that's not an issue with me
  12. eh? what?

    all my songs are still in standard mp3 format... They play fine on other players/systems...
  13. The closest thing to an ipod without actually being an ipod is the zen vision m, which is pretty much the same thing with more battery life and a few different features but thicker/heavier.

    edit: and its supposed to work like a charm with WMP or the creative media software.
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  15. God damnit, I'm starting to want an iPod nano now.
  16. i hate itunes, i just want to drag songs into my ipod. not import them to the playlist(which take hours if you have lots of songs).
  17. You can do what I did and buy a brand new 4th Generation 20 gig ipod from HP for like 200USD.
  18. Sony NW something for flash players
  19. how slow of a computer do you have?

    I can make a playlist of 1500 songs in seconds. just drags the songs onto the sidebar and it makes one.
  20. is that the one that looks like a bean?
  21. It only converts WMA files. My iTunes imports into MP3 format, because I changed the settings.... The only time you cant choose your format is when you donwload from the store.
  22. The thing you guys don't understand is that iTunes is totally unnecessary. It's crap proprietary software that Apple forces you to install on your computer, and it doesn't hold a candle to the other music software out there.
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  24. I don't have an ipod and I use itunes, please name a better music program, don't say winamp because it's not.
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