I'm thinking of getting an MP3 player

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  1. thats crazy have they changed the system sense they started? because my brother has had his for a few years and its a #%!@ to do much with because you have to plug it in, take shit off, then convert to itunes and make copies in MP3 so you can still make discs that can be read in our stereo...
  3. i was using itunes long before i got an ipod because it is good. Unless you have a really crappy system that needs every available mb of RAM for internet browsing then i fail to see why you would use something else.
  4. It only converts if you're using WMA.

    And if you didnt have the files in MP3, no matter what software you use, it wont write MP3's so your MP3 CD player can read it.
  5. no, it doesn't.
  6. i hate it that when i install quicktime i end up with itunes while i dont even own a god damn ipod. one of the reasons i wont buy it right there (as i wont support a company that pushes their product on me) you should have a choice like most software what you install and dont install.
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    you do, you can get itunes or quicktime standalone

  8. Thanks for really shining the light on all those superior programs you mentioned.
  9. My computer came with damn media player, I didnt complain...
  10. you cna just pull the files on with the on-player program too, but they will stay larger than and not be half the size atrac format
  11. I just bought another Zen Micro Photo (as I destroyed my other one by throwing it while jogging) for $160 USD (after $30 MIR). Pretty cheap considering they retail for $230 and then you usually have to pay sales tax on top of that. Also a good deal seeing as how that's $30 less than a iPod Nano with 1/4 the storage.
  12. Owned by a noob...
  13. What the cheapest 4gb+ MP3 player?

    About Ipods, can you ONLY use Itunes? How much does each song cost?
  14. They're 0.99 on iTunes. I really only use iTunes to download new songs.
  15. creative zen is better.

    Its easier to put music on than itunes will ever be.

    Basically you plug it in an it acts as another haddrive with folders for music, you can organize it anyway you want. It also plays video.

    My friend has one and i am jealous.
  16. Really? I stoped because I was introduced to Bit Torrent...

    You can also import CD's into iTunes. This is good if you have alot of friends. Just invite friends over, and take thier music.
  17. Big Rob, shit are you serious? Can you use existing files on your puter?

    Flucht, does the zen micro play video too? I want a 5gb one.
  18. iTunes is amazing because it looks really good and has the best networking features I've ever seen. They're layout is really good at enforcing a playlist/library feel. Its a perfect jukebox.
  19. Yeah, it imports all your music off your harddrive. Even if they're WmA files, it will convert for you.
  20. 2nd account
  22. hmmm well thats not bad I guess. I could get a 5mb Zen micro that holds plenty of songs for me and costs at much as a 1gb shittle.
  23. Ask someone if you can use other MP3 players with iTunes... I'm not sure on that.
  24. ohhh. That would be cool. Well I hope so.
  25. the zen is fugly imo

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