I'm totally getting an xB

Discussion in '2002 Scion bbX Concept' started by Big Rob, Apr 11, 2004.

  1. I drove one with the TRD package the other week and although it has a weak engine it only weighs 2395 lbs, and I can carry stuff in it. It doesn't look that bad either, I mean, you really can't kill a box.
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    nice. I think it's a cool car. Nicely equipped and it's backed by toyota so you know it'll last. Girls like them too. However I wonder what its doing on supercars.net
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    with gas prices raising, bringing this to the us is not a bad idea.
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    lmao .. this answers that question... what do you do with the dumpster behind Toyota?..

    totally weak... perfect for chicks! :D
  5. it's cheap
  6. I cant say the looks all that much, but it's truly a nice car.

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