Imagine a 360 with NOS

Discussion in '2000 Ferrari 360 Modena' started by MR F40, Aug 9, 2002.

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    OMG you are dumb as hell now wounder your banned
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    I am shocked by your mentality guys...
    Ferrari made cars who go to 10'000rpm, and they are just sports car, they are bad reliability. Just think to pass 60'000 km or 35'000miles
    without any problem with a Ferrari ? Just impossible..

    I wanted to buy a Ferrari 348, because it's somptuous but the quality.. that's the problem.. When I saw the S2000 Honda can beat a Ferrari, but I understood what to buy, I'm looking for the Honda now.

    In fact, to come back at the "NOS" solution, somebody here told that it would be an "Insult" for Ferrari, he's right, allbody think they are unbeatable and now, they need NOS ? Ridiculous...
    A car who can't survive if you drive it correctly and stop to live when you drive it sportly, it can't have the NOS !

    I can say, only good quality cars can have NOS, and even good quality cars don't need it... I mean, NOS ruins the cars...
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    wow. this guy is a moron. u dont put nos in a ferrari!
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    WHY???? o_0
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    It all depends on the shot you give the car. You usually can give a stock car a shot of NOS at a low-level. It all depends on the strength of the cars block/pistons/rods etc. It can be done. I'm not sure but I think most of Ferrari's new motors are made of aluminum or some other lightweight metal.
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    Using Nitrous in your car is like a body builder taking Steroids. It's not fair on the other competitors.
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    stop #$%#ing saying NOS, NOS is a brand name meaning "Nitrous Oxide Systems" it isn't even the best Nitrous system out there........jesus
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    Hey NOS is just 1 company, i dont know of many others as Id never put it on my car, but isnt there like venom and stuff?
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    Who cares??? The only possible use for 'Nitrous Oxide' is on a 1/4mile drag strip, it is pointless on the street and just DUMB on a circuit.

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    Imagine a 360 with NOS

    I myself have a modena and i can really say she dosent even need the nos, i have toped out my ferrari and i dont need anymore speed than that , a ferrari is serious...... no nitros needed
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    Is that why they make them so heavy? I wonder how they managed to make this car 1390 kg, maybe i should call them and tell them about something called carbon fiber.
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  13. Not quite, usually people who use nitrous systems in street cars dont actually know what they are doing and fail to refine/tune the rest of the engine to handle the strain of the added oxygen in the cylinders. Also neither NOS nor turbos/superchargers necessarily increase cylinder pressure exactly. They provide more oxygen by either compressing air or supplying it in the form of a liquid, cylinder pressure infact relates to compression ratio.

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