Imagine an S5000

Discussion in '2000 Honda S2000' started by biturbonite, Oct 12, 2003.

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    ???? I don't get it....

    do you mean an S2000 with a 5.0 engine?

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    yeah. And 500 horse power <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    It would be very nice but I think you're dreaming.
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    well, if the bhp/l would remain the same (which, of course, would not), perhaps they could leech 625hp out of it.

    That would be cool, but I don't think it's going to happen.
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    Then you dont have a 9000RPM redline?

    The 2004 S2000's in North America are getting bumped to a 2.2 litre engine with the same horsepower, and about 10 more ft/lbs of torque.
    It also has an 8000RPM redline. Carbon gear synchros, and shorter gears and the car is actually a lot faster then the previous year cars, especially in daily driving conditions. Although with the little bit extra displacement the engine should wake up nicely with some modifications and higher horse numbers will be easier to achieve then they were in the past with this car.

    BTW the 2.2 litre engine version will still be called an S2000, not an S2200.
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    Yeah, but I think I'm still going to use the original K20A under the hood of my Civic for rally racing.

    Edit: F20C
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    btw - forgot to add, I think they should make both engines available for the car, the ones in the dealership should be sold with the 2.2 litre engine, while the 2.0 should be available as a cheaper pre-order from the dealership.
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    and they say that the new engine will have good power even a 3000rpm compare to 6000rpm for the old engine.
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    I agree.
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    under s5000 maybe you mean something like s2000 but with 5.0 l engine?! If it is that way, i think that you`re a dreamer!!! Honda are not going to make that big engine! They make little engines with big power, thats why their bikes are one of the best in the world.
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    The RX-8 has 240 hp from 1,300 cc. So, what if Mazda made a 5,000 cc rotary engine. It could have 925 hp. With turbo it would have 1,250 hp. That would kick A$$.
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    A 5.0 litre rotary engine would have serious reliability issues, and would also not be able to spin nearly as fast, and would not be able to put out anywhere near the same power.
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    How do u figure that just get 2 20b side by side with quad turbos. Unreliable probably but wat a drag car.
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    That wouldn't be one 5.0 litre then. It would have an accumulated total of 5.0 litres, but if you were to look at it that way, then you would also have to say that it has 6 cylinders instead of 3.
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    They make 5.0l rotaries. well, mazda doesn't, but I know that a local engine shop where I live will build any size rotary you wan't (within limits). They aren't as high quality as mazda's... in fact they are only good for about 10 races, but they still produce gobs of power. I don't really knwo the exact specs, but they have built 6 cylinder rotaries there before for sure, and I think they may have made some 8 cylinders...
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    Umm...8 cylinders? that's impossible in a rotary.

    Rotaries have 3 chambers in each Cylinder head, wherein one of the three phases of combustion is occuring at any time, therefore they technically have 3 cylinders in one rotary engine, with a second one added they have 6 cylinders, but it's technically two cylinder heads, and therefore two engines, 8 cylinders would be impossible, but 9 cylinders would be possible, although it would technically be 3 engines.
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    Now your just nit picking... when I say 8 cylinders I mean cylinder heads.
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    lol, i dunno much about i dunno....
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    Well, they don't really even have cylinders, just chambers, but on each side of the triangular shaped rotor is the rotary engine's equivalent of a cylinder, so they don't really even have any cylinder heads.
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    Well, 8 chambers then LOL... I like rotaries, but I don't know the terminology to well for em.
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    But again, that would be impossible, because based on the rotary's design, there need to be exactly 3 chambers within each casing. The rotor is triangular shaped within an oval shaped larger chamber, the rotor spins, maintaining exactly 3 openings at all times.
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    s5000 means an s2000 with an 5.0L engine??
    how can a 5L engine fit inside an s2000? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    A 5.0L engine could easily fit under the hood of the S2000.

    It would #$%# up the 50/50 weight distribution though.
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    your freaking nit picking again :p I mean it has 8 main chambers (with the three sub chambers in it... or whatever)

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