Imagining the 10th dimension...

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  5. So what is it that's supposed to cause the strings to vibrate?
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  8. I was trying to find this not long ago.
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  11. i believe this is still unanswered logically, its quite possibly just the nature of energy to vibrate just like it is the nature of sound to travel in a wave... though what causes changes in string frequency is beyong me
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  13. its really not that hard to understand....
  14. its a mathematical term that we have accepted,

    Its the same thing with i
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  16. I read about this in 'The Elegant Universe' by Brian Greene, and 'The Fabric of the Cosmos' also by Mr. Greene. As well as 'Our Superstring Universe' by L.E. Lewis Jr. This kind of stuff fascinates me so I'll definitely be picking this book up.
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  18. if something causes the strings to vibrate then some strings are not vibrating at all? in what situation would you expect a string not to vibrate.
  19. Well, I would assume that the vibrations will dampen and dissipate over time, so you'll have a non-vibrating string. That doesn't necessarily mean that something caused them to vibrate, I suppose. That might be big-bang type stuff there...
  20. No, you're using an analogy like things the warmth of hot objects slowly dissipating over time. What you're forgetting is that energy, according to our best understanding of it, can neither be created or destroyed. If these things are running our universe, there is nowhere else for the energy to run to.
  21. The energy isn't being destroyed, it's just being radiated to other things. But since the strings exist in the 10th dimension, that may not even be possible. It's just odd to think that these strings are vibrating just because they always have been, and nothing will interfere with their vibrations ever.
  22. Or that there is constant cycle of energy, because the laws of thermodynamics state that if these strings are vibrating - some energy is being lost so any number of things.
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