Imagining the 10th dimension...

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  1. Haha yeah, 1,023 kinda fits into the median.
  2. If an american was that percentile, that puts 1,227,600 other americans ahead of you.
  3. that is pretty impressive, actually. education in iran is VERY competetive, as in your average north american geek would be considered a lazy #$%# over there. in the iranian culture and upbringing education is an absolute must, youre looked down on if you, at the least, dont hold a bachelors degree, by the time youre in your early to mid 20s.
  4. Wow.
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  7. I wanna travel in the sixth dimension. My rich self owes me some money. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
  8. for all you know, in that dimension youre even more broke and hell steal your shoes.
  9. that's not quite correct. you mean, for all he knows, the 3rd dimensional version of himself he'll find at some point along its 4th dimensional path that he'll find in one of the 5th dimensional branches by folding through the 6th dimension might be broke.
  10. But it doesn't matter, because there is more than one possibility.
  11. ya so he doesn't have to stop at the broke guy, just keep moving through 6d
  12. if we had a particle accelerator the diameter of the solar system to generate the velocities/energies needed to explore structures as small as these strings, the debate would be settled.
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    Statistics seem to disagree...

    Literacy rates:
    Overall - 79.4%
    Men - 85.6%
    Women - 73%

    "Statistics on the percentage of young people aged seven through nineteen enrolled in school have not been available since the Revolution. It is generally estimated that the percentages have remained similar to those before the Revolution: school attendance of about 78 percent of elementary-age children and less than 50 percent of secondary-age youth."

    "For the year 2000, adult illiteracy rates were estimated at 23.1% (males, 16.3%; females, 30.0%)."
  14. No. I know that little factoid, actually, it's the circumference of the solar system.
  15. isn't there a new particle accelerator about to come online that'll let physicists test at least a little of the stuff they've been theorizing for the past few decades? i know that the ones currently out there aren't good enough for a lot of tests.
  16. The Large Hadron Collider at CERN. It'll be operational next year.
  17. LHC, they'll be able to create micro-black holes as well as some other shit. So, depending on the actual laws of physics, we MIGHT be able to garner some experimental evidence for String Theory.
  18. i look forward to the results of that.

    why is ITER just finishing the planning stages, we should've jumped on fusion 50 years ago. also, fvck the canadian federal government that pulled us out of ITER, it's something that actually matters, and should get more attention by everyone and a lot more support
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    the statistics dont disagree at all, actually, you need to view them in the right context. because of the very large gap between social classes and the corruption in the country, not everyone has proper access to educational facilities. the lower income class in iran struggles for such things as proper meals and shelter, and since student loans and the like are basically non-existent in the country, accessibility is the main issue.

    its this very issue, however, that makes it so competetive, FAR more competetive than in europe or north america. there is an abundance of students desperately trying to improve the quality of their life/their familys life through education, yet there is very limited access to non-private universities.

    now, again, how do your statistics disagree with my statement?
  20. If the particle accelerator had the circumference of the solar system, it would also have the same diameter of the solar system.
  21. I'm only talking about translation.
  22. "in the iranian culture and upbringing education is an absolute must"

    "school attendance of...less than 50 percent of secondary-age youth."

    That's how they disagree. Education is evidently an "absolute must" for only about the 50% or so of the youth population that actually go to secondary school. Maybe it's competitive among the 50% or so that do go to secondary school, but even if you're the biggest schlub there, you're still in better shape than 50% of the population.
  23. But then how would you spin me right round
    baby right round
    like record baby
    right right round round?
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    Exactly. It can be explained with analogies, but that's not how it works. It's pure, brutal mathematics.
  25. Pull your HARMONIC OSCILLATOR out of your ass and deal with it!

    I need to put my RIGID ROTOR up there.

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