Immigration rally in Chicago today....

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  1. We have a huge immigration rally here in Chicago today to protest recent immigration reform measures being taken in Congress, many of which are seen as racist and overly harsh

    It really angers me that all this shit is going on with immigration into America and our government's response to it.

    I can understand why people would be upset about ILLEGAL immigration, but you want to make it near impossible for these people to come to this country?

    Why do people immigrate here illegally? BECAUSE THEY LACK THE RESOURCES TO DO IT LEGALLY. They realize the possible results of immigrating here against the law: Getting arrested and sent-back or possibly dying in-route. But they do it anyway.

    Why? Simple. Many of these people are the poorest of poor, poorer still than even some of our poverty-stricken people...many poor in this country are still very wealthy when compared to the world as a whole. They have no opportunity in their home country to better themselves socially or economically, so they come here. It is here they can gets jobs, however meager (by our super-high standards), and make a decent living or give some of that $$$ to relatives back in Mexico. It is here their kids, who otherwise would have been deprived of the opportunity to do so, could get a decent education.

    And now we want to make it much harder for them. And not only would Mexicanos be affected, but all immgrants from all countries across this entire planet. And these people didn't immigrate illegally. So why deprive them of the opportunity to come to our country?

    This is definately a combination of racism and of xenophobia, mixed with our overblown irrational fear of terrorism...we are afraid we will be attacked again. Well let's face it...we shouldn't punish these people for it. And we shouldn't punish them for illegally immigrating when they CAN'T AFFORD TO COME LEGALLY, AND OTHERWISE WOULD WHITHER AWAY IN THEIR HOME COUNTRY(IES).

    So I say...allow the 11 million illegals to become US citizens...they are as hard working as anyone else (even more so) and would contribute greatly to our country.

    Oh, and for all Italians, Jews, Irish, ect...when your ancestors immigrated to this country they were no different...they were hated and despised, too. Don't forget that...
  2. here are proper ways to do it, go through those channels. Many of the people from Europe did it legally, if you want to talk about the first ones they even signed up for a charter. To say that ancestors did it makes it alright isnt true. Totally diffirent cirumstances and many did it LEGALLY. So do that, if you dont have the means to then get the means.

    and dont try and turn everything into "little mexico" or whatever country. We appreciate your heritage but in America we speak English. Also some of the illegals are criminals in their country so they come here and I dont want that.

    Instead of holding a rally like is planned against American products in Mexico today, why dont they rally against the government and make it better for themselves. Everybody has struggles, in America you will as well.
  3. Theres some mehikano going nuts on FoxNews now. He was somewhat civilized untill he didn't like what he was hearing and now he's going loco making zero sense.

    Also Mexicans are calling for boycotts of American companies, one of them including Sears, which all Mexican locations have actually been purchased by a Mexican. And a popular Mexican restaurant chain (forget the name) is owned by Wal Mart, but apparently they don't know that because they're not boycotting it. Freakin maricons.
  4. Run a tank over them.
  5. Yeah... really need to update that plaque on the Statue of Liberty.
  6. Nobody in the government is complaining about legal immigration. It is only illegal immigration that causes problems. While it makes sense that they all want to come to the US and get a better life, just as previous generations of immigrants have, there needs to be some sort of order to it. Undocumented people who came here illegally throw a huge wrench into the legal, health, tax, and welfare services of the government. Furthermore, if the US does nothing to protect it's borders, how easily would it be for Al-Qaeda to smuggle themselves and a weapon in here?
    If you want to fix immigration, ask them to reform the legal process of coming in.

    The other thing that worries me is that many of them want to completely change the tradition of how immigrants have come in. In the past, immigrants came over here and brought their culture along with them but at the same time integrated into American society and accepted the rights and responsiblities as Americans. These people are coming here for jobs, which is all well and good, but that's all they want. Instead of wanting to be American, they all want to be Mexicans living in the US. They do not want to assimilate at all into our culture or be a part of us.
  7. You need to take a look at how most Americans feel about this.

    The problem isn't immigrants...the problem is ILLEGAL immigrants.

    I don't mind immigration. In fact, my wife is an immigrant. She got in line like everybody else, paid the processing fees, waited, and was granted status.

    This is a Mexican issue, and only a Mexican issue. Their lobby would have you believe its against all about hamming it up. The other peoples represented a very small minority, primarily because its so hard for anyone else to get here. Mexico does its best to keep Central American refugees from making their way up here...."who gave Gautemalans the right to take our illegal jobs!"

    You want us to pity the Mexican existance? Bullshit. If they want change so badly, bring it to their country. Like I said yesterday, we should start treating illegal immigrants the way Mexico does...just to give them a taste of what its like. F()cking hypocrates.

    If you want to come to our country, show it respect. Follow our laws, learn our language. Otherwise, you don't really want to be just want to be another leach.

    They should round their asses up as they March. They want to stand up for what they believe in...fine....we'll do the same.
    And like I said yesterday, as long as your boycotting, don't use fire, police, or ambulance services either. Maybe we'll find out how much less our emergency services are burdenned without have to provide emergency treatment to someone with the flue because they don't have the money or insurance to go to a regular clinic......
  8. +1
  10. Nice. Especially this: "If you want to come to our country, show it respect. Follow our laws, learn our language. Otherwise, you don't really want to be just want to be another leach."

  12. I want every illegal immigrant to leave America for one day and watch how much money our country loses, see a bunch of white people kill eachother, only to welcomed back with open arms.
  13. Why would a bunch of white people kill each other if all the illegal immigrants vanished?
  14. That's ridiculous.
  15. What would the proposed bill do for illegal immigrants? I haven't been following this too much.
  16. I'm speaking about business owners/runners/people who won't admit to you how much they need the immigrants. They'd kill eachother cause there would be a lot more of them in density and they'd all be a lot poorer, not something this greedy type deals well with.. Otherwised they'd actually hire the more expensive American.

    But really cause I'm tired of white people who don't remember when the USA was a land of opportunity.. And that legal immigration isn't gonna work for the unknown mass of people coming over everyday.
  17. rediclés
  18. why would white people kill each other?
  19. Latinos take one day to protest, and nationwide business every close down for one day. For one week, business close down for one week. Not just business that hire them, business that have partnerships with business that hire them. I could find out how much moeny the company I work for is losing today. In the case of the particular subsidarary though, it's a lose we accepted mostly because we support this rally.
  20. all business owners are white
  21. Yup, that was the gross generalization I was making.
  22. Well it's going to have to work, because illegal immigration is screwing a whole lot of things up.
  23. anyone that doesnt live in the usa is an immigrant
  24. jesus #$%#ing christ you #$%#ing hippies, if its not save the whales its "save the mexicans!!" tools like you just ignore all of the actuall problems they cause and dont give a #$%# about all of the lawbreaking involved. why dont you go tie yourself to a mexican or something you #$%#ing hippie
  25. legal immigration worked for decades for millions upon millions of poeple piling into this country. you're full of crap, and so are these morons trying to make an excuse for illegal immigration.

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