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Discussion in '2002 Nissan Sentra SE-R V Spec' started by analcornhusker2, Aug 10, 2002.

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    And then...<!-- Signature -->
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    congradulations. you've just accomplished absolutely nothing. next time make a post with some words actually in it.
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    skyline freak.....skyline would be ashamed of you
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    Damn, Sorry, The Message Didnt Show Up, Well I Made This Forum To Know Which Economy Japanese Compact Would You Rather Buy
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    JDM cars? or domesticate? which one?

    If it's JDM, i'd buy a Nissan Silvia 15, or if i had lots of cash, i'd go for the Lancer Evolution VII GSR.

    If it's over here in north america, then i'm considering maybe a Subaru WRx, or an older model of the Toyota Celica, maybe a GT4.

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    I would buy a Celica I love them,
    Then I take the TRD Sports M (I saw him in GT3!).
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    I'd get a S2000 or get a cheaper Prelude and customize it!!! If I really could I'd get a Lancer too!!!
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    S2000, and M3 are the coolest compact cars I've ever seen, but also very expensive...

    I like the Sentra SER very good milage...
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    HKS tuned R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R V Spec II......need I say more?
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    Compact cars? S2000 and the M3? Compact???? I don't get it.
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    Compact cars....,Civic, Protege, Corolla ect..
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    If you come to Japan, cars such as this are, well... common and slow.
    I've been living here for quite a while, and wow. It's not a joke. These Japanese guys are crazy. (i'm korean). There really are 800+ horsepower machines on the highway, and cars such as the Viper and Corvette seem like they're SLOW compared to these monsters.
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    That's the problem...

    People in north america only put body-kits and stickers on their cars. Over in Japan, the whole thing is tuned, so it's "worth it". It's not only some crappy slow car with stickers and excessive weight-gain.
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    couldnt of said it better myself... every fool with a muffler tip, not even a full cat back exaust.. thinks he can take out ferrari's.. lol.
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    the 3 series, M3 included is a compact.
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    The M3 is a midsized Coupe, not a compact. There is a compact model in the 3 series.
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    Well i must be the exeption in North America...... i have a 98 nissan altima that from the outside looks very factory...... except for the HKS muffler.....and lower profile tires on factory rims...... but i dont just have a muffler.....i made my own cat-back since only stillen makes one for my car....oh yeah and i can hang with vettes.....notice i was not cocky and said i can smoke them but i can hang with them...i have yet to beat one.......but the time will come.
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    Are you serious?
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    Hey I believe you! Not! My Buick can hand with Mustand Gts...hand doesnt count, u arent even equal with them!!! That doesnt count buddy! U can compare it with v6 mutangs and maybe say I can beat them barely, something like that!

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