impreza s204

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  1. *sentance
  2. Listen buddy, if you can't answer the man's question don't even post, ok?
  3. You posted pics of 2 different gens though?
  4. I'm not your buddy, guy!
  5. I'm not your guy, friend!
  6. Not in England it's not.
  7. look at the three pics closer, and you will relise that theyre the same
  8. One of them obviously has a completely different front end you idiot.
  9. no shit one of them has a different front end, but all three pics are of the 2006 s204 subaru impreza
  10. Yeah, but in 2006 a different Impreza was released, so they are NOT the same car, you stupid #$%#ing #$%#.
  11. ok this cant be any simpler to understand, those three pics are of the subaru impreza s204 and they cant be different cars cause they were a special adition impreza and if my memery serves me well, only 250 were made. there is only ONE generation of s204 imprezas
  12. Yeah, one generation of S204 Imprezas, and you posted two different generations.

    The S204 was the 2006 Impreza, of which you posted one picture, and the one with the older front ISN'T an S204.

    There were 600 made.
  13. pwned nub
  14. have you ever thought that some one might have put on that tront end? or do you just like to start an argument? and im pretty sure only s50 were made
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    Definitely 600 were made worldwide. Mostly in Japan, but 5 S204s in NZ. They have 39BHP more than a standard STI. Other spec differences include

    Full carbon fibre front seats with suede and leather finish.
    Carbon fibre front lip,
    BBS sti 18x8.5 alloys
    S204 rear spoiler,
    titanium muffler,
    rear performance damper

    I've found one for sale with a few pics...
  16. 2005 was the best year for that Sti. The S204 is a badass but I'm still not down with the nose. Still better then the current model.
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    so 600 were made, must of read the lines wrong
  18. no, you're just an ignorant twat

  19. if i had a choice to buy 5 cars, i would buy:
    a 2002 C5 corvette lingenfelter 427 tt, corvette ZR1, dodge hennessy viper venom 1000 tt, dodge viper SRT10 and a maserati MC12
    stfu if you have any problems
  20. yes im such an ignorent twat for missreading a line or two of text, i can see your point of view
  21. no its;
    2009 Corvette ZR1 and Noble M12 GTO 3R
    fvck the world

    get it right
  22. stfu if you have any problems.
  24. got a problem with my two fav cars? or have you got a problem with the way i premote them?
  25. Is English your first language? Instead of being a raging cock about your inability to communicate you could try to learn how to correctly. Or at the very least, apologize.

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