Impreza STi takes shape

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  1. It's not on sale yet, but Subaru's Impreza STi is already making a splash!

    Volvo aims to be first on diesel hybrid market with hi-tech C30
    Following broad condemnation of the conservative five-door hatchback shape, designers have gone wild with the styling of their high-performance flagship.

    This exclusive spy shot was taken near Germany's Nürburgring race circuit. While fast laps are crucial to find the perfect high-speed set-up for the STi (Subaru Tecnica international) variant, these test drivers were spotted pounding through potholes, to see how their Impreza prototype coped with broken tarmac. A unique suspension set-up should make this the best-handling Subaru ever, with a revised all-wheel-drive system maximising the hatchback's abilities through fast corners.

    While standard Imprezas go on sale here in September, a hot car won't appear until next year. There will be no WRX variant, as the firm strives to cut its range's average emissions. Instead, we must wait for the STi and its tuned 2.5-litre flat-four.

    Those mean looks hint at huge pace; the engine will deliver more than 300bhp and around 400Nm. Initial cars will come with Subaru's existing six-speed manual box, with an auto due in 2009. Prices have yet to be confirmed, but are sure to be similar to those for the new Mitsubishi Evo. Meanwhile, the firm promises great value from final editions of its current Impreza WRX and Sports Wagon. The GB270 cars get £7,000 of extra kit, but cost £22,995 - a saving of £2,898 on the saloon and £1,898 on the estate. (AutoExpress)
  2. Actaully does not look to bad from that angle. Still need to see irl, not to mention the ass end witch seems to have been the weak part of this car.
  3. It looks stupid, girlish and it has an econobox design. Is this really the replacement for the Impreza STI sedan? If so, I'll loose all respect for Subaru. I don’t care about better handling or what ever up grades they’ve made in those areas. I say sticking with the old design and giving it a modern face lift would have been fine.
  4. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  5. If it is lighter than the old model then I'll be a fan
  6. I phoned the dealer, he just pass an order for 2008 WRXs that will arrive in december-jan
  7. Oh no, hollywood has lost all respect for Subaru. How will they go on?

    Shouldn't you be off taking jumps at 150 mph in your friend's STi or racing factory supercharged Cobra R's?
  8. Yeah the ugly shape.
  10. hahaha
  11. It looks a little better in that pic for some reason... All I can say is it better MOP UP the Evo performance wise if they expect to sell more than like 27 of these.
  12. Looks so boring now.
  13. Cutting the WRX from the line-up is a bad idea in my opinion. That's really the only edge Subaru has had on Mitsubishi in the 4wd turbo market.
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  16. Shouldnt you be studying to get your drivers permit?
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  19. It's so ugly. The only thing that will make it attractive is blistering speed and great handling, and if it has that, I don't care what it looks like.
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  21. Shouldn't you be getting ready for elementary school graduation?
  22. my roommate just bought a black 07 STI today.
  23. Your roommate just bought a badass car. Kill him and steal it. Then sell it to me for $1.00
  24. sell it to be for 0.01

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