Impreza STi takes shape

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by ajzahn, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. The STi has a better engine? How, exactly, do you know how good the 4B11 is?
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  5. No it doesn't STFU. It still looks like a bland generic/outdated hatch only now it lost its ugly grill.
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  7. I like the 1 series.

    In fact, I like the Z4, 3 and 5 series also.
  8. Yeah. Just look at the new Mugen Honda Civic SI, once it comes out, tuners are gonna go gaga over it like the new Subaru Impreza WRX STI.
  9. from what i've read the new turbo impreza model (it's not called the wrx anymore?) is fantastic to drive and the interior has come along in leaps and bounds. Except like all impreza's from 01 onwards it looks hopeless, which is nothing new.
  10. Strictly from a performance point of view, the hatchback impreza means less weight and the shorter length is more useful for rallying which is where the Inpreza STi is born and bred. So really, besides the styling there isn't much to complain about. Imprezas have never been pretty, have they?
  11. I'm sorry, the idea of an Evo/STi hatch/wagon rocks my boxers. It looks like a Mazda 3, so it could definitely be worse.
  12. You have got to be #$%#ing kidding me.
  13. You forgot to mention that you also like the SSC Aero. Go figure.

  14. VICIOUS has to go on the list of people with shit car taste, Im srry.
  15. BMW's look like shit in pictures but good in real life. Unlike their other German competitors, imo.
  16. Road & Track looked at both the engines, the STI has 320 Horsepower and 320 ft./lbs while the EVO has 300 Horepower and 325 ft./lbs, The Sti is also about 200lbs lighter
  17. up till now they have, I love the way the 03-06 Impreza looks, even the base (2.5 RS) is a great looking car, the STI was big, mean and agresive, now its a peice of crap that will preform extremely well
  18. one is a 2.5, the other is a 2.0, and especially in the UK, the EVO has always had more HP
  19. The STI has a 2.5L while the EVO has a 2.0L and always has, and it has 20 more HP, the EVO has a 5ft./lb toruque advantage, but is 200lbs heavier
  20. You are aware, of course, that Mitsubishi has been underrating the Evo's engine for a while now? My IX makes 286 horsepower on paper and I put 258 down on a dyno. Factoring in 20% drivetrain loss, that's around 320 crank horsepower. Just because Mitsubishi is saying that the 4B11 will make 300 horsepower doesn't mean it won't actually make more. And the cars' curb weights have nothing to do with which engine is better unless the 4B11 weighs considerably more than the EJ25, which is pretty unlikely.
  21. How many 1 series have you seen?
  23. It's all alloy(which the EJ isn't?) so it'll probably be lighter.
  24. Yeah the ugly shape.
  25. I've seen heaps and they look just as bad "in the real".

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