In desperate need of a RacingFor.Me Account!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by The Drift God, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. Does anyone have a RacingFor.Me invite code? I used to be a member of Racing-Underground and my email I used for that account has long been un-used so I was un-able to obtain a new RacingFor.Me account. If anyone can help me I would be forever grateful.
  2. lol its MaleficZ
  3. I bet Ben Collins spray paints his hubcaps.
  4. Is that wear the 300z owners go to meetup and race for pinks
  5. race for bov tape only
  6. rase foer respect
  7. Add me to the list LOL!
  9. worthless as ever. And funnily enough a dead serious place.
  10. the answer is no
    no one has a scrub ass racing account im not 14 anymore, racing is boring as #$%# except for the driver
    i wonder who's winning the formula 1 oh wait boring
  11. Lol good job guys glad I didn't have to intervene in the mockery nice
  12. And funnily enough a dead serious place.
  13. lol give one to me instead
  14. kill it, kill it with fire
  15. hey cool guy
    whats this you speak of im really interested in joining up too
  16. do'nt come back
  17. Come on guys, can't you see that he's DESPERATE?
  18. They exist in a world beyond ours. Where man and machine become one. 60 years since the odyssey had started, and the age of the racing machine had begun. Decades fallowed of emotions pushed to limites, in the pursuit of the acclaimed number one. But it takes on the blink of the eye for the perfect drive to become undone. In the beginning their fame was only whispered by those who stole a glimpse of the chosen. But now their fame is embraced by millions as they watch the screens every day of the sun. In life there is nothing beyond them. Their spirits will endure till kingdom come. Their feats remain on the lips of their followers, as they whisper: This, is, Formula1.
  19. Drano, what's your email? I'll send you one.
  20. What's your email address?
  22. lolllll
  23. Lol might as well scream out he's a virgin
  24. this gets me every time

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