incorrect 0-60 time

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  1. The correct 0-60 time for the MR should be in the 4.7 second range, putting it only a tenth of a second behind the STI.
  2. Everyone is a fanboy for something
  3. Indeed on the fanboy bit, disord3r. What's so wrong about being a fanboy, SSwannabe *ahem - ironic name*

    I do believe this car is faster than the regular evo, though, which should put it right where EVOblitz said it should be.

    Signing off
    S2000IsKoolMan (oh, wait - that's not my name - wouldn't want to be a fanboy of anything)
  4. id say more like 4.8. Sorry if im wrong, for i didnt take the time nor effort to read the story, but i doubt it can catch up to the STi in 0-60 time. The STi has like one of the best 4-wheel-drive systems in the world.

    ...damn Suburu and their 4-wheel-drives!!!!!

  5. The Evo has a superior all-wheel-drive, system to the subaru and a more competent chassis
  6. But there is one thing with these cars (the evo and the sti) is that when they hitt 50.000 - 60.000 km the engine just brakes down becouse the engine is so litle and the horsepower that much
    My uncle impreza hitt 30.000 and then the engin died, but that impreze was no stock it was about 500 hp and went the quarter mile
    I mean its just not wourth it u now buing these cars ok its fun while it last but...
  7. You REALLY can't expect to judge engine quality based on a few examples of tuned breakdowns, especially considerring the number of engines that DON'T breakdown even through tuning. A lot of that might be human error, you never know. While I favor the STi, the Evo has and always will be right up its ass and alongside it in terms of performance and handling. Either way, they are BOTH cars to be reckoned with no matter what you drive.
  8. maybie but i now of lots of guys that say the same thing about these cars
    or maybie its just the conditions ( I live in Iceland )
    P.s My uncle went the quarter mile in 11.92
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  10. it's basically not the MR, but the FQ400 version, with 400 horses.

    about time they try to bump up the 4G63's for engine lifespan, it's going to be down to user care anyway, as some heavily boosted 4G63s can survive for quite some time. hehe.
  11. It was probably very poorly modified, was probably a component of the engine that should have, but wasn't reinforced. The flat 4's used by all Subarus are incredibly durable engines.

    There are many out there with as much as 800hp, with little internal modifications, being pushed hard every day, that rarely breakdown.

    Hot, dusty conditions? forget it, I'd confidently say the suby's engine is the most durable of all cars in the WRC.
  12. Listen up you silly fanboy. That is a load of bullshit and you know it.

    ONE electronic LSD on the EVO vs. the Impreza's corresponding mechanical LSD HARDLY makes the EVO's AWD drivetrain "superior" to the Impreza's. Given the power delivery, on-the-fly torque adjustability, and overall durability difference of the drivetrain, I might even be inclined to say that the Impreza's drivetrain is superior to the EVO's (but I would never be so pompous). I've only driven one EVO (likewise with the STi), an EVO VIII, and its rear end feels undeniably sluggish, as if the TCS is constantly kicking in, I think its electronic TCS is too sensitive, while user-friendly for a less experienced driver, is inhibitive to overall performance by limiting power. I dunno, perhaps it's just the North American EVO VIII, perhaps it's just that I needed more time to get used to it to use its potential better, whatever. But nevertheless with equally reactive AWD drivetrains, and the only TC difference being ONE Electronic LSD vs. ONE Mechanical LSD, it's absolutely retarded to claim that one has a superior drivetrain to the other.

    As for the Chassis, how could you possibly say that? The Impreza's Chassis allows for lower engine placement, it has a slightly wider, slightly lower chassis. The Impreza's chassis is more rigid, yet it has a greater capacity to flex, which is superior for offroad performance, on the other hand the EVO has more localized sway bars (and I believe stiffer sway bars), to reduce weight transfer above the wheels. The suspension on the EVO is stiffer, but the Impreza's suspension allows for greater suspension travel. All-in-all, this means the Impreza's chassis and suspension is better suited for off-road performance, and for highway comfort, this also means the EVO's chassis and suspension is better suited for flat, high traction surface performance (i.e. it's better suited for a race track, or pavement). So, is it more competent to perform better on pavement? Or, is it more competent to perform better off-road, and on varying surfaces, and be more comfortable to drive in the city? Given the state of the average road I experience, I'd be far more inclined to believe the latter to be true....but then I do not possess enough knowledge to justifiably make that judgement. However what I can justifiably claim, is that given the fact that the Subaru is better suited for the kind of road conditions that BOTH ARE DESIGNED FOR, then quantifiably the Impreza could be said to have the more competent chassis.

    The Impreza and Lancer are VERY similar, but in a way they are also direct opposites, this is what makes them such wicked competitors, diversity is a good thing. Personally, I prefer the STi because it is better suited for exactly the type of road conditions I prefer.

    You are nothing more than an EVO fanboy, learn to recognize the positive and negative characteristics of different engineering, then and only then will you have a legitimate point of view.
  13. Very nice, you really put a stop to that tread lol... very beautiful and informative. I drive an Evo and I really do love STi, and yeah, I do openly admit I perfer a well paved road to race on especially going against a beast like the STi, I lose quite often with my friend Mike's STi but it's all in good fun. Thanks for the information though, good thread.
  14. Yeah, I like both cars too, I think that had I had the chance to drive the Evo for longer, I would have really gotten used to it and learned how to push it on pavement, I think I could have really learned to enjoy it.
  15. which evo was it that had 400 hp and could go from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds.That car could keep up with the lamborgini murculeogo
  16. You need to read up on the last version of the EVO VIII MR, most of what you're claiming is for the older base model. Also, 99% of these cars will never see offroad, therefore it doesn't matter how well it does offroad, but how well it does ON road. Also, they may not be Americans, in which non-US versions of the EVO have FAR better diff's and technology than the STi does.

    0-60 4.4 seconds, EVO RS, mechanical diffs that the newest version of the VIII MR used.

    Also, there are several 800+WHP EVO's running around that are daily drivers, the Buschur brothers using two of them as their daily commuter cars. If somebody blew a 500hp one, then they either didn't tune it correctly, didn't drive it correctly or didn't keep up with the proper upkeep. These engines can handle 600whp without internal mods, and the crank alone is stable to 1000whp.

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