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    "On December 2nd, 2003, Christies sold #073 for 731 250 GBP or $1 259 00 USD. At such a price this transaction has been the highest price paid at auction for a motor car in 2003. "

    This is wrong! A Ferrari 860 Monza sold at the RM Auction in Monterey for a touch over $2 million. It even has a page on this site:
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    It didn't sell at auction i believe
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    True, I beleive there was a bid for 2 million USD, but it had to go for more.
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    Indeed it did! I witnessed it with my own two eyes! It sold at auction. If my word is not enough, I have a video of it being sold.
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    I have a video of the 330 TRI LM being sold. We should swap :D
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    umm the highest price for a McLaren F1 is $1,45?,000...

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