Indian California Custom Bike

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  1. This wunderful BEAUTY, an original "California Low Rider" with 0 miles / 0 km on any street, was used for exhibitions, only. Now, it has been revised in Germany. And we powered it with an original, brandnew INDIAN PP100 engine. 100 cubic inches in a lightweigt chopper – a Real Powerful Answer on all Harley choppers. The engine is running smoothly, you can cruise in idle. Give him some REVs and feel free like an eagle......

    This Bike is a MUST for any collector - it is an absolute RARITY! Or do you know any Custom Bike in the World... ...with an INDIAN Power Plus 100 engine??

    Specifications / Technische Daten


    Cubic Capacity / Hubraum: 100 cubic inches / 1635 ccm
    Horsepower / Leistung: 73 HP / PS = 54 KW @ 4000 RPM
    Torque / Drehmoment: 95 ft/lbs / 128 NM @ 2800 RPM
    Oil System:Dry Sump, 2 Channel / 2-Wege Trockensumpfschmierung


    Primary Drive / Primärantrieb: Twin Chain, HD Clutch / Doppelkette, HD Kupplung
    Gearbox / Getriebe: HD 5 gears, foot shifted / HD 5-Gang, Fußschaltung
    Secondary Drive / Sekundärantrieb:Belt / Riemenantrieb


    Wheelbase / Radstand: 1720 mm
    Seat height / Sitzhöhe: 690 mm
    Length / Länge: 2460 mm
    Handlebar width / Lenkerbreite: 900 mm

    Tyres / Brakes

    Front Tyre / Vorderreifen: 80/90 - Z1 48H
    Rear Tyre / Hinterreifen: 180/55 R18
    brakes front/rear / Bremse vorne/hinten: 4 Calipers / 4-Kolben
  2. I'd buy that.
  3. you can
  4. He's back!
  5. actual bit is 3,333 EUR
  7. Even though it's not, at a quick glance, it just looks like a million other HDs.
  8. actual bid 8,900 EUR
  9. actual bid 10,040 EUR and rising
  10. actual bid: EUR 15.049,00
  11. sold for 14,800 EUR
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  13. modern indians are rare and this one is a nice bike.
  14. I am really surprised to see the California Low rider in action after all. I have always been a fan of cars and I was not much into bikes except for low riders, that is! This low rider really looks more than what I saw in the exhibition a few weeks back . I guess those with some thick wallets can have their chance to get into their showcase after all. Not to mention the 73 horses! this will tempt them to get out in it!

  15. The bike is superb and its engine is too much it possible that girls can drive this Bike?
  16. Not my style.
  17. I can't believe new Indian bikes are over $30k
  18. this is the price when buy some custom and hand made american motor cycle.

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