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  1. get the Japanese Harley... under another name, I forgot
  2. come back when you know how to stroke cams

  4. He certainly does
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  6. am i your favourite member
    would you meet me for a mid-week coffee
  7. Bring sheep.
  8. Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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    a proper VL...

    Harley-Davidson licenced Sankyo Nainenki to produce HD Flathead VL models in Japan in the early 1930s in response to a request from the Imperial Army. By 1937 the company had been rebranded as Rikuo - (loosely translated as Road Kingor King of the Road). At the outbreak of WW2, the Americans were sent home and the Japanese continued to produce the VL as the Rikuo. Between 1937 and 1942 over 18000 Rikuo machines had been supplied to the army. Rikuo ceased production in 1958.
  10. are you horny too
  11. rahter have a turbo hyabusa

    toooodles ya'll
  12. Indian used to make left-handed bikes, so that your right hand was free to use a handgun. No joke.
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  14. That's the ones I meant.
  15. im left handed
    wont someone think of the left handed
  16. thats why we can't J each other at the same time
    our arms will clash and tangle
  17. Are you joking?

    EDIT: Just saw the last part of your post. My bad.
  18. i actually knew this.
  19. they are very well built and reliable machines,but I would rather get an electra glide classic or a big dog custom bike because they are more of my tastes.
  20. like semen
  21. gay
  22. yeah to match your big dog t shirt
    you're a socks and sandal man, i know it
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  24. mmmMMMmm i liek that
  25. That's pretty hot and I would ride that but I don't think my jeans are skinny enough

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